The Power of Arts Education in International Schools

Many individuals believe that in education, students should focus heavily on academics especially the sciences and that other areas such as arts are frivolous and unimportant. However, a multitude of studies has displayed that arts in education provides tremendous benefits to students by developing their motor skills, intellect, emotional management, communication skills, creativity and more.

Though many international schools have robust STEM education, they do not neglect the importance of arts education. In fact, many international schools proudly tout the artistic talents and capabilities of their students. There are many reasons why international schools are uniquely prepared to cultivate the artist within their students.

Integrated Curriculum

Across all ages, arts education is integrated into many international school’s curriculum in the form of music, theatre, visual arts, design, video production, writing and more. The wide selection of art subjects give students the opportunity to explore their passions and interests and excel in the one most suited for them. For instance, City Harbour International School’s art related subjects include art and design, drama and music. These sometimes lead to big performances for the students where they can display all their skills and build their confidence on stage such as St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia’s ensemble music programme where students perform in assemblies, showcase concerts, events and recitals each term.

State Of The Art Facilities

Another reason international schools possess such exceptional arts education is their superb cutting-edge facilities. International schools are more well equipped to invest in their facilities. Thus, the students are able to properly cultivate their artistic talents and develop themselves in conducive and comfortable learning environment. For example, Shattuck-St.Mary Forest City has a full-fledged theater with a seating capacity for over 800 people and professional dance studios. Moreover, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia has first-rate art rooms, music studios, music practice rooms and auditoriums. Thus, with these state of the art facilities, international schools give students the opportunity to maximize their inner potential.

Passion Expert Educators

Of course, one of the main reasons international school have outstanding arts education are the expert educators they employ. Arts educators in international schools are true experts in their respective fields whether its music, theatre or visual arts. They have years of experience under their belt and often hail from other parts of the world such as America, Germany, England, China and more. Hence, they have a deep passion to impart their wealth of skills and knowledge and hone students into a master virtuoso. Moreover, international schools sometimes bring in guest teachers or instructors to give specialized lessons. For example, Bandaloop, an internationally acclaimed Dance Troupe that performs modern dance while suspended from climbing ropes, provided students of Shattuck St-Mary’s Forest City International School students with a demo class.

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