Why International Schools Are The Best Choice For Your Children?

Did you know the number of students enrolled in international schools are rising steadily each year? It’s no wonder that both Malaysians and foreigners here have made this wise decision, as there is a multitude of reasons why international schools are so far above average public and private schools. These reasons include:

5) Rich & Diverse Curriculum

International schools do not just aim to produce good students but leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Thus, they strive to provide students with a holistic education. International schools achieve this through implementing an amazing array of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Whether it’s theater, sports, robotics or social sciences, students learn more and learn better. Hence, students gain the opportunity to explore their passions and discover their strengths in diverse areas while pursuing interests beyond the rigors of academics. Possessing a well rounded education ensures that students do not just develop intellectually but socially, physically and emotionally as well.

4) Exceptional Facilities

International schools are more equipped to invest in their facilities than most public and private schools. Hence, they are able to design a modern learning environment that is exceptionally conducive to their student’s development. This includes cutting-edge facilities such as Olympic sized swimming pools, professional level performance art centers, well-equipped laboratories and state of the art libraries. Hence, students will be able to maximize their inner potential.

3) Expert Educators

Most international schools do not just employ new local teachers, instead the faculty is staffed with true professionals in the field of education. These educators have a wealth of experiences and are masters in their chosen area, often they have previously educated students in UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries. Thus, they are proficient at adapting to students of different cultures. Most of all, rather than just feed students information to memorize, these teachers are passionate and dedicated to education. Hence, they will cultivate talent and unlock potential within their students.

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2) Exposure to Different Cultures

International school are unique in that the student body does not consist of just locals but also foreigners. These students come from all over the world from Korea to England. In many cases, educators are also as ethnically and culturally diverse. This is a great advantage for international school students as they are exposed to a multitude of different cultures and perspectives from an early age. Research by Stanford University revealed an environment of diversity makes us more creative, more diligent and harder-working. Additionally, these cross national and cultural friendships can turn into invaluable connections later in life. In this increasingly globalized world, possessing an international network is an exceptional asset.

1) World Renowned Status

Though all international schools share their implementation of an international curriculum for some international truly means international. A number of schools are official established international branches of distinguished foreign institutions. These elite foreign schools have a long history of excellence in the education field. For example St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia, being the first SJII in Malaysia, the school is a continuation of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s 300-year-old education mission and focuses on producing well-rounded learners at all levels with its values-centred education approach that is based on the very best of the globally-recognized Lasallian education ethos.

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