Get Fitter for the Future by Studying Abroad

Looking to satisfy your wanderlust while simultaneously gaining a solid education and an invaluable life experience? With Heriot-Watt University’s acclaimed Go Global Inter-Campus Transfer programme, you can get a taste of life abroad without sacrificing your education goals. According to the programme, as a Heriot-Watt student, you can choose to transfer to any of the […]

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Go Global for a Brighter Future

In today’s world where change and disruption are a norm, it has become essential for one to be equipped with 21st Century tools such as creativity, empathy, resilience, networking and purpose. Cultivating these requires intentional planing and work beyond the classroom and academic curricula. Research has revealed that studying abroad promises the highest return on […]

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5 Qualities Universities Look for in Students

The transition from high school to college is undoubtedly a challenging process. A recent Survey of University Admissions Officers, commissioned by ACS International Schools, underscored some of the top qualities that universities look for in students. Here’s a closer look at these qualities: Ability to learn independently Independent learning is an important quality as students […]

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Benefits of Studying in an International School

10 Fantastic Benefits of Studying in an International School

International schools are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. Parents are starting to see the clear benefits of studying in an international school for their children but if you aren’t sure what they are take a look below: 10) International Environment One of the biggest strengths of international schools are its international environments where […]

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Student 4.0: How International Schools Prepare Students For Industry 4.0

With the rise of automation and globalization, we will be inevitably facing a new industrial revolution. This revolution will drastically alter the world we live and along with it the workforce. Many jobs that have long been thought of as secure and stable will fade into obsolescence and workers will face challenges never seen before. […]

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A Head start in Your Career with the University of Reading

The University of Reading is a global top 200 university with a campus in Reading UK and a stunning new Malaysia campus located in Educity, Iskandar Johor (near Legoland!). The Malaysia campus offers students the best of both worlds – the opportunity to study for a prestigious UK degree, following the UK curriculum, at significantly […]

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Studying Abroad: Why is the Cost of Overseas Tuition Rising?

In the era of the 21st Century education, the possibility of studying abroad is branched out into an endless loop of foreign opportunities. Young Malaysians have adjusted to the concept better now as the country progresses into its educational revolution. While foreign institutions continue to shift their outreach with programmes in campuses built within partnering […]

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