Getting to the Heart of Sustainable Living

With the concept of sustainability garnering more focus in current times, phrases like  ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’, ‘eco-tourism’ and ‘carbon footprint’ have become common buzzwords. In Malaysia, more and more people are embracing an organic lifestyle with organic eateries, bakeries and grocery stores gaining more traction as awareness of the importance of living sustainably increases.

At state level, more eco-conscious policies are being introduced; these include no-plastic bag days, charges for single-use plastics, no-car days, bring your own bags and going cashless, to name a few. There are also campaigns for a cleaner city that have elevated awareness on our collective responsibility in cleaning up and caring for earth. For example, Muar, Johor, has been stringent in imposing fines on litterers, a measure that has helped earn it the distinction of being South East Asia’s cleanest city.

Even as the entire world is weathering the Covid-19 pandemic, the imposition of various lockdown levels, while causing many daily routines to come to an abrupt halt, has brought about a renewed awareness of sustainable living. As time for grocery shopping is being significantly reduced, people are learning to prioritise necessity items in their consumption. The extra time at home has also allowed them to take a closer look at their way of life, take stock of what is really needed and vice versa, cook their own meals and raise their own vegetables.

#MYEarth campaign aims to encourage and sustain these green habits beyond the lockdown phase. The public needs to be motivated to keep up their positive efforts and understand that opting for a green lifestyle is achievable and hugely rewarding – from being able to save money to finding joy in simple living, as well as having the tools and information to encourage their own children too. While many people think that going green can be overwhelming, taking small steps collectively will make a big impact in the long run.

The campaign will serve as a platform to inspire the public to get involved at both personal level – encouraging individuals to get started from their homes, and societal level – with the participation of schools and colleges.

It all begins by being a little thoughtful. #MYEarth hopes to facilitate this by:

  • Initiating green activities for kids that will inculcate in them a love for the environment and provide a starting ground for them to grow to become eco-conscious global citizens
  • Encouraging a greener lifestyle among the public – from reducing their consumption of electricity and water to developing a green thumb
  • Providing an avenue for the community to share their progress and encourage each other through their action

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