10 Fantastic Benefits of Studying in an International School

International schools are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. Parents are starting to see the clear benefits of studying in an international school for their children but if you aren’t sure what they are take a look below:

10) International Environment

One of the biggest strengths of international schools are its international environments where students and teachers from all across the globe gather together in the pursuit of knowledge. With this enriching diversity are able to develop an ‘international mind’, adapting quickly to different cultures and possessing the ability and empathy to see issues from multiple perspectives.

9) Academic Excellence

International schools follow the strong path of countries known for their educational strength such as the UK, Us, Canada, Singapore, Japan or utilizing elements of each. Their rigorous academic curriculum has produced intelligent students who achieve outstanding results. For example, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia students scored an overall average of of 37 points in IBDP, far above the Global Average of 29.8 points. Furthermore, 30% of its IBDP students obtained 40 points and above which should place them in the top 10% of worldwide results.

8) Expert Educators

Of course, these outstanding academic results can be attributed to the expert educators and staff at international schools. A large number of faculty from international schools hail from other countries such as UK, US, Australia and have even taught in other countries. Thus, they are the cream of the crop, passionate individuals with a wealth of experience in education and a remarkable ability to adapt their teaching style to match each individual student.

7) Cutting-Edge Facilities

The campuses of international schools are designed to be effective and conducive learning environments. Classrooms and laboratories are equipped with the latest technologies to increase interactivity and learning. However, spectacular facilities  such as Shattuck-St.Mary Forest City International School’s Olympic sized swimming pool and superb performance art centre allow students to maximize their inner potential in ease and comfort.

6) Future Proof STEM Education

STEM Education is an interdisciplinary and applied approach to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math based on real-world applications. As we move towards a more globalized world dominated by automation, STEM fields will grow to become ever more prominent as other jobs become obsolete. Many international schools have STEM education integrated into their curriculum, thus providing students with a strong foundation of future proof skills.

5) Emphasis on Moral Values

International schools do not just aim to equip students with knowledge but also produce leaders of the future that will lead us to a better tomorrow. That’s why they emphasize developing good moral character and values such as compassion, discipline, diligence, and more. For schools such as St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia, ensuring students fulfill their message ‘Enter to Learn, Leave to Serve’  by engaging civic service is a core tenet.

4) Exceptional Arts Education

The budget, facilities and passionate talented educators who are experts in their fields in international schools come together to produce exceptional arts education. These include theatre arts, visual arts, music, design and more. International schools value the creativity, communication skills, critical thinking and emotional management that arts education cultivates. Hence, they actively seek to foster and showcase student’s artistic talents.

3) Innovative Programmes

Being at the forefront of education, international schools introduce daringly innovative and unique curricula and programs that push the boundaries of student’s capabilities. For example, City Harbour International School has a unique collaboration with Outward Bound School that lets students gain discipline, resilience, physical fitness and mental endurance through weekly outdoor activities such as rafting, rock climbing, sailing and more.

2) Experiential Learning

From field trips to museums, summer camps to community service projects, international schools understand that the best way to learn isn’t necessarily in the classroom, that’s why they promote experiential learning learning through experience and reflection. With the various events and a activities in international schools, students get a more hands on experience and opportunity to apply their practical skills.

1) Holistic Development

International schools have all the aforementioned amazing features because most have the goal of holistically developing well-rounded individuals, that means they aim to cultivate exceptional social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development in their students. They seek to equip students with all the fundamental life skills and knowledge they need to choose their own path of excellence. Whatever road students will travel, they will have a smooth journey as international schools have already given them the keys to the car.

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