Advantage Boarding school

The 7 Great Advantages of Boarding School

Studies have shown that compared to average students, boarding school students succeed at significantly higher rates in college and adult life. For example, 78% of boarding school students stated that they were prepared for college versus a measly 28% of public school students. Furthermore, 50 % of the boarding school students go on to earn […]

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What is the best time to study?

Day vs Night: What Is The Best Time To Study?

Many students never really think about ‘when’ we study. With our busy schedules, it’s a go with the flow situation. But did you know that daytime and nighttime  have their individual advantages? Read on as we break them down, so you can know what is the best time to study. Studying During The Day More […]

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Learning in The New Age: How Technology Revolutionises Education

We now live in a new age. The modern world has seen massive technological leaps in the last few decades. Self-driving cars, mega online retailers, 3D-printed infrastructures – many industries are quickly rushing to adopt these new technologies and transform themselves further for their ever demanding market. But the people who deserve to reap the […]

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The Differences Between Diplomas and Degrees

Despite the fact that sometimes you can find the same institution offering the same courses in both certificates, diplomas and degrees are remarkably different. Firstly, an undergraduate degree is considered to be of a higher academic award than a diploma. A diploma on other hand, is seen to be the equivalent of the first two […]

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