5 Important Reasons You Should Go To University Open Days

Deciding on what and where to study can be a real difficult process. However, one of the best ways to gather the information you need is by attending a university Open Day.

An Open day is a day when college and universities allow members of the public, particularly prospective students and their parents to visit their campus and see what’s it like to be a student there. It’s an event packed day filled with informational talks, demonstration, Q&A sessions and interactive activities. You need to go to Open Days because you get to:

5) Gain Vital Information

Throughout the Open Day staff will be available to answer any questions and concerns you may have. Whether the question is about admissions, finances, or academics, staff are dedicated to provide the information you need on that day.

It’s a great opportunity to clear up any confusion you have regarding the structure and mechanics of a programme. Additionally, you can get a more in-depth view of your interested course from both students and lecturers.

Furthermore, there will sometimes be hands-on demonstrations and ‘mock activities’ that let you try out your interested course a little.

4) Explore The Campus

Photos and videos can only go so far. To get the full picture of what a campus looks and feels like, you have to be there in person. You will probably be living in this environment for a number of years, perhaps up to four. Thus, it is vital you make sure it is the right campus for you.

Check out the facilities such as the lecture halls, library and laboratories. But also be sure to see if there’s adequate recreational areas too like gyms, gardens or cafes. More than that observe the atmosphere. Is it vibrant, friendly? Conducive to learning? Decide if this is a place that you can thrive, grow and succeed both academically and socially.

3) Get To Know The Lecturers

Interested in a certain course? Who better to explain it to you than the experts, lecturers themselves. Don’t be afraid to discuss future career options, employment outcomes and their own experience in the field.

Through conversing with them or hearing their ‘talks’ you get a glimpse of their teaching style. It’s important to see if it matches your own learning style. Observe if the lecturers overall are supportive individuals who will motivate you to learn and grow.

2) Hear Student Opinions

Of course a big part of what makes a university a university are the students. One of the best thing about Open Days is the opportunity to meet current students or recent graduates.

Students will be able to tell you their unfiltered honest opinions about the good, the bad and the ugly. Be sure to ask about the lifestyle, lecturers and environment. They can also share personal experiences and give valuable advice.

1) Make New Friends

Open Days are also an amazing opportunity to network and make new friends or connections. Universities don’t just want you to learn and be informed on Open Days, they want you to have fun too! Thus, Open Days are usually filled with fun and interactive activities along the way.

Fellow Open Day attendees may become future fellow students. In these activities, you get to know them better. It will also give you the chance to interact with seniors, who could become a source of invaluable advice and support.

Overall, Open Days will give you an overall glimpse into your life as a student in the university. Go ahead and go to a few, confirm your options and have a smooth transition into university life. Check out our university page to see universities that might be right for you.

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