Cultural Festival Celebration at NUMed

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) was transformed into a global wonderland during its Cultural Festival 2018 on 16 November 2018. Organised by the University’s Student Association, the event, which saw the university’s clubs and societies representing the different countries of the world, was attended by a crowd of Medical and Biomedical Sciences students.

The Cultural Festival was aimed at cultivating greater cultural diversity at the university and helping foster understanding instill collaboration and cooperation amongst students.

According to the Chairman of the Cultural Fest and President of the Student Association, Dania Bassim, who is a second-year Biomedical Student, said, “There is a lot going on here in NUMed. Our student body is represented by a diverse population from all over the globe –Dubai, Singapore, Maldives, Egypt, New Zealand and more. With such a vast range of nationalities and cultures, we sought to provide this platform to highlight and introduce the cultures of our students to everyone.”

“We wanted to include as many of the world’s cultures as possible through this event,” chimed in the Vice President of the Student Association, Aisswarya Vasu, a second-year Medical student. She was pleasantly surprised at how well the event went, explaining, “It was interesting to witness the harmony amidst the diversity. The interaction between the lecturers and students from all three of our medical courses, who hail from different backgrounds, has been heart-warming.”

The festival culminated with a special fundraiser, started a month ago with a donation collection o the National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA). Funds surpassed the threshold of RM1,000 and the committee took on the Ice Bucket Challenge of being doused with buckets of ice. Overall, the students of NUMed had a great time together.

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