Top 5 Reasons You Should Study Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying (QS) is a field within the construction where construction costs is estimated and managed. As a quantitative surveyor, your responsibilities include cost consulting, risk management and calculation, commercial management, asset capitalisation and project management.

It’s a fascinating career with many exciting opportunities, read on about the essential reasons to study quantity surveying:

5) Growing Demand

The construction industry is booming, both abroad and in Malaysia. As quantity surveyors play an essential role in construction development, they are in demand world-wide. In fact, there is a large shortage of quantity surveyors in the industry. Results from a survey found there is a 60% shortage with 41% of employers struggling to fill quantity surveyor positions! According to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for quantity surveyors from 2016-2026 is expected to grow to 11%, significantly higher than the average job.

4) Good High Earnings

This demand for quantity surveyors translates to significantly good earnings. According to Jobstreet, Malaysian quantity surveyors earn an average of RM3,200 a month. Quantity surveyors in more senior positions make RM6,200 a month on average with the highest going up to RM9,800.

3) Gain A Large Variety of Skills and Knowledge

As a quantity surveyor, you are required to have wide array of skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines. You will need analytical financial skills for cost estimation, scientific and technological knowledge of construction processes and techniques, as well as legal know-how on construction and contracts laws and regulations. Essentially, you are part accountant, part engineer, part architect, part lawyer and part business manager. This is diverse set of abilities will gain you more opportunities for leadership positions in the future.

2) Diversity in Day To Day job

If you hate the idea of a rigid 9 to 5 office desk job, a degree in quantity surveying might be for you. Quantity surveyors need to go to project site often for their job as well meetings with other individuals. You can also work on a variety of construction projects from hotels, office buildings to highway roads. Hence, you also get the chance to travel to different locations. Thus, quantity surveyors don’t have a rigid fixed schedule or location. In addition, it is a job that requires a fair amount of social interaction as you meet architects, managers and lawyers. This is a great opportunity for networking as well as meeting a variety of different interesting people.

1) Engaging and Intellectually Challenging Career

Quantity surveying is a job that requires critical thinking and creative problem solving. Quantity surveying is more than just estimating costs and balancing budgets, its about utilizing strategic methods to ensure a profitable, efficient and high quality construction. You will need to be vigilant in assessing all manners of details including designs, site conditions and working arrangements. You will also work with a team and often in managerial positions, giving you the chance to shine as a leader. This is perfect for individuals who want a career that challenges and sharpens their mind. As a quantity surveyor, you will be a key player in development and shaping of the world’s future built environment.

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