Go Global for a Brighter Future

In today’s world where change and disruption are a norm, it has become essential for one to be equipped with 21st Century tools such as creativity, empathy, resilience, networking and purpose. Cultivating these requires intentional planing and work beyond the classroom and academic curricula.

Research has revealed that studying abroad promises the highest return on investment, with many international organisations looking for graduates who possess a higher level of global awareness. After all, studying abroad can help students:

Broaden their horizons

giving them the opportunity to meet new people, discover new interests and develop their life skills, building their confidence, resilience and resourcefulness in the process.

Experience new cultures

where they will be open to new possibilities, and not only gain a highly rewarding and stimulating experience but also develop their learning in exciting ways.

Build global networks

and gain a competitive edge professionally as well as new perspectives on life, aspirations and career options.

Enhance their career prospects

by cultivating their global citizenship and facilitating the development of their global perspective and leadership abilities.

Recognising the importance of spending time abroad, Heriot-Watt University is committed to providing its students with a truly global education. Taking advantage of its global campuses which are located in the UK, Dubai and Malaysia, the university introduced its acclaimed Go Global Inter-Campus Transfer programme, which gives every student an opportunity to study at an overseas campus.

With this programme, students enjoy guaranteed transfers to the campus of their choice, whether for a semester, a year or more, as long as their programme of study is available at the campus they wish to transfer to and they meet the progression requirements.

Those who have participated in the Go Global Inter-Campus Transfer programme reported an improvement in their academic performance and found it easier to land their first job in the industry of their choice. They became part of wider global professional networks, enabling them to land jobs with major employers overseas and continue their advancement as global citizens.

Find out more about Heriot-Watt University’s Go Global Inter-Campus Transfer programme at today!

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