Nurturing Future-ready Leaders

“In the future, talent, more than capital, will represent the critical factor of production.” – Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum.

The world is in the midst of a new industrial revolution that promises to be distinctly different from its predecessors. This Industry 4.0 brings with it hopes for possibilities beyond our imagination. Parallel with this, demand for a workforce ready to take on the challenges it presents is on the rise. Subsequently, a whole new set of skills is called for. Among others, cognitive flexibility, creativity, critical thinking and social skills have been identified as frontrunners.

As economies scramble to be bigger, better and faster, it is essential that one is adaptable and able to make sound decisions at the snap of a finger. This is where cognitive flexibility becomes a requirement, allowing the individual to easily switch between two or more different concepts mentally while also adapting to a challenging working environment.

While technology is prevalent in almost every aspect of our lives, face-to-face social interaction remains important; hence employers tend to favor those with good people skills and emotional stability. This is where creative and critical-thinking skills are also highly prized. After all, automation and machinery need to be driven by skilled professionals who are able to be logical, understand and problem-solve to ensure high performance and efficient output in the workplace.

Education plays a primary role in getting the younger generation ready for Industry 4.0 and beyond. Here at Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School, students are not only exposed to traditional academic rigor. They receive a well-rounded education that also focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) along with athletics.

An emphasis on play-based learning at the earlier stages provides a vibrant yet safe environment for the younger ones to cultivate their cognitive flexibility as well as critical-thinking skills and adapt to their surroundings as they start exploring the world around them. The school also incorporates routines such as Circle Time, Morning Meetings and Advisory Time, allowing these young learners to enhance their skills and independence in a non-traditional setting. This is further honed as the children grow older and participate in various activities, including field trips, volunteer opportunities and ScholarShift®, a bespoke program by Shattuck-St. Mary’s School that attempts to help high school students bridge the gap between school life and adulthood.

A plethora of offerings in the visual and performing arts enables students to hone their creativity. Among others, the school features dance studios and kiln rooms as well as a two-story weCreate Center, which is equipped with innovative technologies to encourage students to pursue their passions in various fields that include robotics, electronics, architecture, music, filmmaking, photography, designing and more.

The school places importance on sporting activities as well, with facilities such as a full-sized soccer field, Olympic-sized pool and basketball courts, giving students a platform to learn discipline, sportsmanship and teamwork as they grow to become individuals who are ready to lead the future.

As the #1 American boarding school in Malaysia, Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School provides an exceptional educational experience delivered by 100% academic leaders from the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia. The school is set to welcome its first intake of students come August 2018.

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