Star Special: Student Adventures with City Harbour International School

Sail Through School

Prepare for adventure at City Harbour International School

Set in the backdrop of a Naval base, City Harbour International School pledges to offer a unique educational experience to their students – one that emphasises on emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual development, at an affordable price point.

Located close to the harbour in Manjung Perak, it is also the only international school in Malaysia to collaborate with Outward Bound School, challenging its students to activities like rafting, rock climbing, sailing and community service, instead of tuition classes, which most students are accustomed to.

In collaboration with The Star, The Global Scholars, Shattuck-St. Mary’s Forest City International School, City Harbour International School, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia, and Sri KDU International School have come together to talk about the international education scene in Malaysia. Read more about City Harbour International School by clicking on the link below to download The Star Special: Global International School.

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