Skills you could Learn Online for Free

Learn a new skill or enhance the basics of what you already know by visiting these websites for tutorial videos and e-classes! It’s free so you’ve got literally nothing to lose.

1. Academics

  • Coursera (physcis, engineering, medicine, finance, computer science, etc.)
  • Khan Academy (basic mathematical concepts, all things science, etc.)
  • Investopedia (investing, personal finance & market analysis)
  • Udemy (business, entrepreneurship, health & fitness, music, language, technology, etc.)
  • Open Learning (in-demand skills from leading institutions)

2. Cooking

  • Epicurious (easy how-to guides, recipes and articles for foodies)
  • Cooking Light (recipes on healthy cooking, and fitness guides)

3. Programming 

  • Codecademy (basic programming classes for new learners, and advanced classes for coding veterans)
  • Udacity (tech-related courses, quizzes and follow-up homework)
  • (teaches simplified coding through fun tutorials)

4. How To + DIY

  • wikiHow (an extensive database of how-to guides via step-by-step tutorials)
  • HowCast (teaches just about anything through text and informational videos)

5. Languages

  • Duolingo (a free language learning resource through bite-sized lessons and gamification)
  • Memrise (boosts the speed and ease of learning a new language through flashcards and mnemonics)

6. Music

  • Justin Guitar (offers basic guitar lessons to specific courses such as transcribing, ear training and recording technology)
  • Berklee Online (in-depth lessons, industry interviews, exclusive clinics and course overviews by experienced instructors)

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