Waste Not, Want Not

Shop smarter

  1. Buy just enough groceries to last you a few days to avoid spoilage.
  2. Be smart with promos and save on your grocery expenditure.
  3. Be careful when choosing produce; aggressive squeezing can bruise or damage the food, which would then have to be thrown away.

Cook smarter

  1. Fresh items that are stored properly can last longer. Most vegetables like carrots, cauliflower, and cabbage should be stored in a container, while mushrooms can last longer if kept in a paper bag. Separate vegetables and fruits to keep them longer.
  2. Cook just enough food, too much leftovers can lead to waste.
  3. Start with what you already have. Try incorporating leftover vegetables/sauce into your recipes.

Eat smarter

  1. Freeze leftover food in individual portions so that they can keep longer.
  2. Uneaten food at restaurants will have to be thrown away. Doggy-bag your leftovers and take them home for a snack later.
  3. Audit the items in your pantry and move the foods near expiration to the front. Plan your meals around the items you need to finish first.

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