Shift in Education Trend

How many of you noticed the changeovers that has been happening in the education pattern of our nation? Starting off right from the basic to attaining higher education, the trend has changed where you can now obtain global education from home. There is no longer need to worry about the cost to get you to the other side of the world for a quality education. Now, you have the luxury to start your higher education from home at only a fraction of the cost in your desired fields.

As of now, there is a shift in education trend that is being upheld by many foreign universities. These universities bring their curriculum and culture from their home campus and make it available for other students as well by establishing their very own international campuses in other countries. Once upon a time, one would have to travel halfway across the globe to study in various prestigious institutions. Now, the education industry is being a trendsetter where high-ranking universities introduce their own international campuses, providing similar curriculums and degrees with an affordable rate to students around the world.

This is done not only to promote the institutions’ international ranking but also to provide invaluable opportunities for students to get a British degree with a promise of quality. This is further supported through the development of education hubs that gather international campuses of foreign universities from all over the world, making the universities to be renowned among

Now, it’s time to know what you don’t.

i) A total of 136 universities in Britain has 39 foreign campuses abroad.

ii) These foreign campuses are now educating 26,000 students, from Middlesex University’s branch in Mauritius to Glasgow Caledonian’s site in Bangladesh.

iii) In 2015-2016, a total of 703,000 students were studying for a British higher education qualifications overseas.

iv) Britain universities now have 1.1m foreign students which includes international students and it is a catching up with the number of British students these universities are educating which is 1.9m.

According to the British Council that has been taking the responsibilities to promote British culture abroad, Malaysia has been positioning itself as an education hub for the past twenty years. Malaysia is also said to have higher number of students studying for British qualifications than Britain itself. And reportedly, the percentage of students studying for British qualifications overseas has reduced to 1% last year and this may be due to the rise in the setting of international campuses worldwide.

If you are one of those students looking for a global education, Malaysia could be your next choice. Amidst a growing industrial hub, Johor is now paving its way toward being an education hub as it brings together renowned UK universities to provide a quality education for our students and the surrounding regions. Most importantly, this is not to be confused with several British institutions passing their qualifications abroad and getting the locals to conduct the curriculum. These international campuses are delivering their curriculum holistically using their designed teachings and approaches from their native campuses.

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