Save Paper, Save Our Trees

According to World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) 10 litres of water is used for just one sheet of A4 sized paper. What’s more, 93% of paper is produced from trees. In fact, all our rainforests could be gone in 100 years if we keep up our current deforestation rates. And that’s not all. Producing paper also uses a lot of energy, especially if you take into account the transportation and distribution as well.

Each of us has to start taking responsibility in how we use paper.

  1. Do not throw your receipts in the bin, compile them and send them to be recycled.
  2. Print on both sides of the paper.
  3. Use recycled paper for printing when possible.
  4. Do not use paper towels – use cloth napkins instead.
  5. Paper coffee cups are not normally recycled due to the plastic lining inside; so next time you’re getting your caffeine fix, bring your own cup instead.
  6. Waste paper can be used as scratch paper to write notes and sketches before being sent to recycling centre.
  7. Wrapping paper usually contains laminated plastic, and is normally a one-time use product. This can equal a lot of wastage, especially during the holiday season. Why not get more creative with your present-wrapping? You could use fabric or paper bags that you already have on hand.

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