Raising Earth-friendly Children

Get your children on board when it comes to saving the environment. Forming eco-friendly habits from young will make sustainable living easy for the next generation!

  1. Encourage children to save water! Clean water is a precious commodity that many people do not have access to. Cut down on shower time, and teach them not to keep water running unnecessarily when doing things like washing the dishes or brushing their teeth.
  2. Buy rechargeable batteries for kids’ electronics and toys and teach them how to use and recharge them.
  3. Opt for quality toys that will not break easily.
  4. Donate old toys, books and clothes to local charities.
  5. Encourage school-aged children to cut back on printing on paper.
  6. Plant a tree or set up a bird feeder to foster love and respect for nature.
  7. Volunteer with the community – find local organic farms that run community projects near your area.

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