Experience A Global Medical Education On Malaysian Shores

In light of the current worldwide pandemic, it is evident that there is an increasing need for global healthcare. There is a significant need to import knowledge and technology for the advancement of medical practitioners, as well as to prepare physicians to address complex systems and lead such systems in order to protect the best interests of patients and communities. This reality necessitates a change in the way medicine is taught and learned.

“Medical education providers need to recognise the increasing international mobility of medical professionals, for it allows for wider employment options, opportunities for professional development, and exposure to different health systems,” said Prof Chris Baldwin, the CEO and Provost of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), in addressing NUMed’s advocacy for medical education’s social accountability and local healthcare prioritisation. 

Prof Chris Baldwin shared that the university’s goal is to provide globally-acclaimed medical programmes that are responsive to the changing needs of the Malaysian healthcare system. 

“NUMed’s curriculum is designed to complement curiosity-driven self-study and help students develop learning habits that are beneficial in life-long learning. We provide well-designed innovative programmes delivered to students by highly motivated and well-qualified academics from around the world, complemented by carefully considered student support strategies and a firm ethic of scholarship,” added Prof Chris Baldwin.

NUMed offers a Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme alongside its acclaimed undergraduate degrees in medicine and biomedical sciences, as well as opportunities for postgraduate study.

The Foundation programme is a 12-month pre-undergraduate course for Malaysian students intending to pursue medicine, biological or biomedical sciences, or science at undergraduate level. Subsequently, those who successfully complete this programme as required will be eligible to apply for the university’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme or 2+1 BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences programme.

Equivalent to the course offered at the parent campus in Newcastle University, UK, NUMed’s MBBS programme is recognised by both the General Medical Council, UK, and Malaysian Medical Council. While all five years of the programme are delivered in Malaysia, students will have opportunities to study up to 8 weeks at Newcastle University in the UK during their fourth year, or opt for an extra year in the UK for an intercalated research qualification at either Bachelors or Masters level.

The 2+1 BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences programme covers a diverse study of key areas such as biochemistry, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunology and pharmacology. The first two years of the programme are conducted at the Malaysia campus and students will complete their third year at the UK campus, during which students will be placed at one of the highly regarded research institutes at Newcastle University for research-led teaching and an intensive research project. 

All programmes offered at NUMed are identical to those offered at Newcastle University, UK, and lead to the award of the same qualifications, but made available in the comfortable confines of our country.

“We also aim to establish an academic culture and environment that will encourage  the recruitment and retention of high-calibre faculty and staff, as well as empower them in the pursuit of scholarship, the delivery of superior study programmes, and the production of excellent graduates who are well-prepared for the global health economy of the 21st century,” said Ms Premila Nair, the COO of NUMed. 

She highlighted that students at NUMed are able to reap the advantages of being taught and guided by a highly accomplished and experienced international faculty as Newcastle University comprises a world-leading collaboration of research scientists, medical doctors and teaching professionals. 

The practice of global health begins wherever one puts their feet. NUMed Malaysia seeks to develop an inspiring environment which will engage students in an affordable, world-class medical education, irrespective of background. To find out more about NUMed’s programmes, excellent facilities, and student life, visit

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