Chasing the Study Blues Away during the Pandemic 

As the nation looks forward to getting back to their normal routines in the near future, many university students are still on fully online or a hybrid of face-to-face and online classes. While some students thrive via online learning, research has shown that online or remote learning could affect the motivation level of students to study due to various reasons. Feeling isolated, technological barriers and difficulty to cope with learning through screens can negatively affect the learning process. 

Here are four suggestions to help you elevate your mood and motivation when studying during the pandemic:  

  1. Designate a specific study area that is ideally away from the bed, living room or kitchen table. It is harder to focus on studying at these spaces as your mind is used to them as leisure areas. If it is not possible to have a dedicated study area, get a study lamp and find a quiet corner to study (as suggested by Lobdel in his study tips here). Switching on the lamp can help signal your mind to start focusing on the task at hand.
  2. Start your day with something simple, such as making a cup of coffee or simply switching on the laptop, suggested Jai in Studying When You Have No Motivation. It will prompt your body to begin the day. Sometimes, taking the first step is the hardest part.
  3. Habits are hard to break; therefore it is best to form good study habits right from the start. When you are studying, make sure that you are really focused. Subsequently, short but focused study sessions are better than prolonged study sessions that are frequently disrupted. 
  4. Recognise the study style that works best for you and stick to it. Having said that, when you’re feeling low or unmotivated, try to spice things up by changing the method temporarily. For example, switching from studying from your textbook to listening to a video lecture can provide a refreshing change and perhaps gives you a new perspective on the topic.

Renowned for its excellent support services, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is committed to prioritising its students’ well-being at all times. As such, NUMed students will find themselves closely supported by mentors from members of the staff as well as their peers. Each student is assigned an academic mentor throughout the semester as well as participating in a peer mentoring programme (where a new student is paired with a senior). There are also other support services available such as the Learning Resources Centre to help students make full use of the library, language support for both English and Bahasa Melayu, career support services, and other services. 

NUMed offers a pre-undergraduate programme – Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences – and two undergraduate programmes: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences (BMS).  For details, email, call +607-555 3800, or WhatsApp +6011-1231 5411/+6012-7849456.

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