INTERCALATION or intercalated studies is an opportunity for students to gain knowledge and develop new skills.

This can prove to be pivotal in a medical student’s development, as they will deep-dive into a specific area of interest while studying for their medical degree.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), an international branch campus of Newcastle University in the UK, offers intercalated opportunities for its Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme.

The institution, which is one of the Global Top 125 Universities (QS World University Rankings 2023) and a founding member of the prestigious Russell Group, believes in giving students the freedom to develop their own niche, in diverse areas of interest.

The MBBS programme allows highly motivated and capable NUMed undergraduates to add an extra year of intercalated studies at the institution’s UK campus.

NUMed associate dean of academic affairs Dr Paul Hubbard notes that students who wish to pursue another Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Master’s degree – in research or medical education – are typically encouraged to do so after the second or fourth year of their MBBS.

“Those who wish to undertake intercalation will be subject to the entry criteria of the additional course of their choosing,” he says.

After completing the intercalated year, students will then be conferred the additional degree at either the UK or Malaysian campus.

The benefits of pursuing intercalated studies are numerous as it allows you to focus on a particular area that matches your interest, while also giving you a break from the routine of your studies.

With intercalation, you will not only be able to gain knowledge, skills and new specialities, but also earn an extra credential that could burnish your resume in a specific field of choice – paving the way for further specialisation down your career path.

This is particularly true for those gunning for more research-intensive fields, where an additional degree gives you an edge as you enter the competitive job market.

Apart from career advantages, students will have the opportunity to become more well-rounded and properly reflect on how well-suited they are for chosen fields of study.

Pursuing your intercalated studies at the UK campus is also the opportune time to make new friends and build new networks in a different environment.

Additionally, students now have the opportunity to leverage the best of both worlds – in Malaysia and the UK.

“NUMed graduates stand to enjoy discounted tuition fees. While international students are typically charged the full ‘International’ rate, NUMed students are entitled to the UK’s ‘Home’ rates of about RM56,205 yearly,” says Dr Hubbard.

If you are keen to explore your niche in medicine, you can find out more about NUMed’s undergraduate programmes and intercalated study opportunities at

You can also reach out to NUMed by emailing, calling 07-555 3800 or via WhatsApp at 011-1231 5411 / 012-784 9456.

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