Top 7 Reasons You Should Study Psychology

Psychology is a growing field and the fourth most popular major for students to study. More and more students are studying psychology. Find out the reasons you should study psychology for yourself:

7) Gain Deep Insight Into The Human Mind

Psychology will give you the ability to predict and understand the behavior of individuals and groups as a whole. The human mind is one of the most fascinating subjects in the world and when you study psychology you will dive deep into the processes of memory, sensation and perception, human development, emotions, stress, mental illness, group dynamics and more.

Many people are unaware of the unconscious drive and mental processes that determine their behaviors. But having studied psychology, you can be more aware of the implicit biases, fallacies and cognitive errors you commit and work against them. Thus, you gain a better understanding of both yourself and others.

6) Become A Better Communicator

Effective communication is more than just speaking, it’s also about emotion management and connecting with your counterpart. By acquiring counseling skills and techniques, you will learn to utilize active listening, reflection, open questioning, unconditional positive regard and more to keep conversations active, friendly and engaging.

These interpersonal skills will be valuable tools in both the workplace and at home. Learning psychology will help you identify toxic behaviors and learn methods to foster more positive interpersonal relationships.

5) Learn To Think Scientifically

Some people like to think of Psychology as a “soft science”, some even go so far as to not acknowledge it’s a science at all. However, the truth is Psychology uses vigorous scientific methods to produce its results. Its theories on human behavior are based on empirical data. Thus, Psychology fosters critical thinking and use of the scientific principle. A vital skill that will assist you in analyzing situations logically.

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4) Acquire Research Skills

As stated above, research is essential to Psychology. You may even get the opportunity to conduct or participate research yourself as a Research Assistant or Volunteer. Often the major final project for psychology undergraduates requires them to pour through a very large amount of studies to compile a literature review. Hence, you will learn to analyze and comprehend scientific research and academic articles.  Additionally, the statistical and data interpretation skills you gain will be invaluable in a variety of other career fields.

3) Large Variety of Employment Options

As a psychologist you do not have to just be a therapist in a hospital or mental health clinic. You can work anywhere from courts, lecture halls, prisons, research labs, schools to corporate offices. There is a large variety of sub-fields and specialties within psychology itself such as:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Industrial Psychology
  • Health Psychology

Additionally, all the skills listed above can be immensely useful in a variety of other jobs not directly related to psychology. You can be a human resources manager, an advertising agent, a market researcher and many more. Check out our list of the 10 Things You Can Do With A Psychology Degree to get more information.

2) Change Society For The Better

If you choose to specialize in mental health counseling or clinical psychology, your role will be essential in the recovery of one of society’s most neglected and mistreated populations, the mentally ill. To many, improving the lives of others is an incredibly fulfilling part of their careers. You can even potentially save lives in this career, through preventing suicides or fatally bad decisions.

However, you will make very positive contributions in other fields of psychology as well. In Industrial Organizational Psychology, you research and plan out methods to make the workplace more effective and better for employees. In Forensic Psychology, you assist the criminal justice system. The list goes on and on but in any case psychologist will make a positive impact on the world.

1) Growing Demand and Positive Future

More and more people are becoming informed on the subject of mental health. Social stigma about receiving treatment for mental illness is gradually decreasing. The younger generation especially are becoming more unashamed of speaking about their mental illnesses and seeking treatment. Hence, the demand for psychologist is expected to grow faster than the average of all occupations. Overall, the job outlook and future is looking bright for psychologist.

In terms of research, there is still a substantial amount that remains unknown in the field of psychology. You can make a name for yourself by discovering new avenues of human behavior and mind.

Interestingly, mental illnesses have actually become more common in the developing world. This could be due to factors such as the emergence of social media or that diagnosis are becoming more accurate. Whatever the reason, it is clear that psychology will play an increasingly vital role in the future of society.

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