Top 5 Reasons You Should Get A UK Degree

UK universities are one of the most popular choices for Malaysian students. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll make yourself stand out from the crowd with a UK degree:

5) International Recognition

UK institutions have a long history of producing the best and brightest minds. Oxford and Cambridge are household names. A large number of internationally famous scientist, actors, writers, designers and CEOs have a UK higher education. Hence, a UK degree is associated with prestige and excellence.

Your UK degree will not just be recognized but respected wherever you are employed. In turns this creates even more and even greater employment opportunities for you compared to an average degree holder. Your UK degree will  be recognized in almost any country you choose to work and stay in.

4) English Mastery

It is undeniable that English is the current lingua franca of the world, it is the most used international language. In our increasingly globalized world, the ability to communicate and foster strong connections with people from other nations is an important key to success. Hence, mastering English is vital. So, where better to master English than it’s birthplace?

With a UK education, you will immerse yourself in a true British experience. You will enhance your English speaking and writing abilities by speaking with English educators, fellow students and others. Soon, you’ll be talking just like a native Brit! Mastery of the English language will be a great asset to boost your employability. Plus, you might get a posh British accent along the way and those make you seem so much smarter and cooler!

Get A Distinguished UK Degree At NUMED!

Did you know you can get an official UK degree from an official UK branch campus right here in Malaysia? Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) offers students the opportunity to gain academic excellence from the UK with undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MBBS) and Biomedical Sciences (BSc). Apply now and start your journey of exceptional UK medical education!

3) Quicker Pathway

The UK education is focused and specialized. Instead, of requiring you to take a variety of courses in the interest of a more holistic education (such as US system), the UK education system wants you to dedicate your time to mastering your chosen major.

Thus, it will typically take you less time to complete a UK degree than other countries such as the US and Canada. Both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are shorter by a year in comparison. A Bachelor’s takes only 3 years while a Master’s usually takes two. This way you will be able to gather more valuable work experience sooner than your competitors.

2) High Value Cost

International education in general can be very expensive. However, a UK education can be significantly less costly than other countries such as the US due to the reduced time it takes to complete a UK degree. Tuition fees are also less costly compared to the US.

Currently, Malaysian students are able to reap the benefits of a UK education at an even more affordable cost by studying at an official UK branch university right here in Malaysia. These prestigious institutions offer degrees that are identical to ones in the UK. Additionally, if students want to fully experience the UK education by studying overseas there, they can do so with the flexible transfer programs these universities offer.

1) Excellence in Education

The UK is a global leader in higher education. A total of 18 out of the global top 100 universities are from the UK. Furthermore, they are also a global leader in research. It’s discoveries and innovations are at the forefront of many industries. In fact, a significant 54% of UK’s research is considered world-leading.

Part of the reason they achieve this high status is that the UK government closely monitors and evaluates UK universities. The Quality Assurance Agency  ensure they achieve high national standards in teaching and research. It’s educators are dedicated professionals that ensure student success.There is also a large emphasis on practical skills through the use of problem-based learning. Through this method, students learn highly relevant

In addition, UK universities fully utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies to unlock student’s full potential. Thus, UK universities use innovative teaching methods to produce versatile, creative and critical thinking students.

The UK University Advantage

To gain all these advantages and more, get yourself a prestigious UK degree from an official UK University based in Malaysia, today!  Also, want a more thorough look at UK Education System?Read our article Education Around The World: UK.

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