The Importance of a Quality Learning Environment

More often than not, parents place focus on their child’s academic performance and achievements with little regard for the learning environment in which they place their child. But did you know that a positive learning environment is also pivotal to the child’s success?

A positive learning environment allows the child to develop a sense of belonging, trust others and feel encouraged to tackle challenges, take risks and ask questions. There are three main aspects to be considered in the creation of a positive learning environment; these are the physical environment, emotional environment, and respectful and supportive environment.

The physical environment refers to the arrangement of desks, students and decorations. The strategic placement of these can create a comfortable and cheerful study ambiance. The seating arrangement, for one, can impact how the educators interact with learners and how the learners interact among themselves, which will significantly affect the rate of engagement in the classroom. Hence, to encourage more interaction among the educators and learners, it is more effective for the learners to sit surrounding the educator. Even the colors of the walls play a role in providing a more conducive environment that will allow the learner to pay attention more easily.

A positive emotional environment, on the other hand, is a welcoming atmosphere that is devoid of stress. Stress has been identified as one of the factors that inhibit thoughts and opinions, and cause the development of a negative learning environment. It can naturally affect one’s cognitive functioning and disrupt the learning processes, resulting in a decline in the learner’s self-esteem and self-confidence. By ensuring a stress-free environment, the learner will feel safe and confident to share their opinions and thoughts.

Third, a respectful and supportive environment should be created to ensure that all the learners feel respected and accepted. Within such an environment, they are more likely to become expressive, open-minded, motivated and eager to engage with the educators. A mentorship program or support system would be beneficial in ensuring that proper assistance can be provided to the learners when they face any difficulties or challenges. This positive environment will enable the learner to feel that they are contributing to and connecting with it, allowing them to cultivate a sense of belonging. This, in turn, will contribute to the development of their intrinsic motivation for learning.

Shattuck-St. Mary‘s Forest City International School takes pride in fostering a positive learning culture that encourages students to be motivated and engaged in their learning experience. Classrooms are designed to optimize natural light, while small class sizes with desks arranged in a semi-circular configuration facilitate student participation as well as better student supervision and support.

In addition to offering rigorous academics, our curriculum is centered on the holistic development of the child and delivered by highly trained and experienced teachers. This ensures that each student has the proper support to thrive fully.

The school also has in place various advisory and mentorship opportunities during which students are provided guidance and support in growing and optimizing their potential in all areas. For example, Morning Meetings are incorporated into the day of our younger students, during which they are given personal advice and motivation to do their best.

Have a chat with the team at to find out more about the positive learning environment that has been created to encourage your child’s learning process.

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