A diverse campus is essential in enhancing students’ experiences beyond academics. In addition to being able to glean different perspectives, learn from people of all walks of life, and share experiences, they are also able to obtain an inclusive education that will help them to prepare for global career opportunities. 

As the international branch campus of Newcastle University, UK, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) welcomes students from different backgrounds while offering the same curricula as its parent campus. This makes it easier for students in Malaysia and Southeast Asia to obtain a world-class education.

NUMed’s curriculum is designed to complement curiosity-driven self-study and help students develop learning habits that are beneficial in life-long learning. The university provides well-designed innovative programmes delivered to students by highly motivated and qualified academics from around the world, complemented by carefully considered student support strategies and a firm ethic of scholarship.

Undergraduate students at NUMed have the privilege of getting part of their education at the UK campus, giving them the chance to interact with a larger international population. Students who enrol in its 2 + 1 BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences (BMS) programme will spend their final year of study in the UK, while Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) students have the option of choosing to take part in an exchange programme or complete their intercalated coursework at the UK campus before returning to NUMed to finish their studies. 

MBBS students have the option of pursuing intercalated studies and gaining research experience.

According to Dr Edmund Ong, Associate Professor and Consultant Physician at NUMed, MBBS students have the opportunity to intercalate a period of study at the UK campus to focus on a research project under the supervision of various members of the UK and NUMed Malaysia faculties, allowing them to gain research experience and study with a diverse range of world-leading researchers. The MRes (Master in Research) degree is awarded as an intercalated degree upon completion before students return to continue their clinical studies.

“Over the past five years, 12 NUMed students have taken the opportunity to conduct research projects in cancer, transplantation, neuroscience, public health, and education,” he added. 

Newcastle University’s Medical School encompasses a world-leading collaboration of research scientists, medical doctors, and teaching professionals with a reputation for innovation and excellence for both research and teaching. The university’s research spans a wide range of disciplines, from ageing to genetic  medicine, and molecular biosciences to neurosciences, all of which have actively contributed to the wellbeing of the surrounding community.  

According to Dr Roshan Mascarenhas, Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Biomedical Sciences at NUMed, students are also able to work with experts from different institutions or countries. Most, if not all of the grants are international in nature. This means that research fellows can potentially collaborate with other experts in Malaysia and around the world, providing opportunities for in-depth learning with these experts during their project period.

“Moreover, students can establish a wider academic and research network at a young age. These research exposures foster international and multidisciplinary collaborations, and thus a broader professional connection,” Dr. Roshan added.

Students will have ample opportunities to participate in a wide array of activities.

Other than in class, NUMed offers a host of clubs, societies, and other student activities, such as seminars and workshops, throughout the year. As such, students will have ample opportunities to mingle and interact with those from different course programmes and backgrounds. The myriad of events and activities organised by the university also provides them with a wide array of networking opportunities and essential insights into the global workplace, easing their transition into the workforce after graduation. 

Obtaining a world-class medical education in Malaysia while also being able to engage with a global community is now possible. This allows students to gain international exposure whilst learning relevant medical skills and knowledge required for advancement in the medical field in Malaysia and beyond.

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