The 7 Great Advantages of Boarding School

Studies have shown that compared to average students, boarding school students succeed at significantly higher rates in college and adult life.

For example, 78% of boarding school students stated that they were prepared for college versus a measly 28% of public school students. Furthermore, 50 % of the boarding school students go on to earn an advanced degree while only 21% of public school students do. As stated, this translates into long term success with a significantly higher amount of boarding school students achieving top managerial positions in both their mid and late careers.

The boarding school students themselves love the lifestyle. A staggering 95% reported being very satisfied with their experience. Additionally, extensive longitudinal research has found no long term negative effects on boarding school students. So, what is it about boarding schools that make them so special? What are the advantages of boarding school?

1) A 24/7 Learning Environment

Boarding schools are not just schools they are twenty-four hour, immersive vibrant educational environment. Here, every aspect is dedicated to cultivating student’s growth and development. Because they are communities and hubs of learning where students call home, the schools tend to invest more into their facilities. Hence, boarding schools usually have a diverse array of cutting edge facilities such as performance arts centers, swimming pools, gymnasiums, sport courts and well-equipped libraries.

Thus, boarding schools tend to have a richer curriculum with a wide variety of subjects and activities. This investment produces marvelous returns. According to statistics, boarding school students spend more time on both academics and extra curricular activities compared to the average student.

2) The Perfect Place To Unlock Potential

The insular academic conducive environment also means students gain ample opportunity to explore their interest with less distractions. This dynamic learning environment allows boarding school students to fully discover what their talents, strengths and skills are. Whether it’s arts, theaters, sports, music or robotics, the exceptional facilities and equipment available allows students to explore and train their skills in a more efficient manner. 77% of boarders report gaining opportunities for leadership. It is not surprising if their interest evolves into a passionate fulfilling career in the future.

3)  The Staff’s Expert Guidance

Additionally, faculty and students have heightened interaction in boarding school. Under the watchful but nurturing gaze of faculty, there is less risk of students engaging in negative behaviors and being exposed to bad influences. Additionally, the teachers in boarding schools are highly trained academic experts. They recognize that as the few adult contacts students have, they have the responsibility to be more than mere educators. They are mentors, coaches and inspirational figures. Here, the staff will expertly guide students to fulfill their full potential. It’s no wonder 90 % of boarding school students believe their teachers are high quality.

4) An Opportunity To Gain Independence

Boarding school is where students will gain the experience to build exceptional moral character. Far away from the protective shelter of home and overly vigilant guardians, students have the vital opportunity to learn how to become disciplined and self sufficient individuals. In a boarding school, students learn the importance of being responsible for their own actions and gain essential independent living skills. There, students will do chores, manage their time and budget, choose what activities to partake it and more.

5) Building Confidence and Resilience

Additionally, being away from family is hard. Students will overcome their initial discomfort and become more adaptable, flexible and able to transition to different new environments. This is an excellent method to prepare students for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life while in a safe and supportive environment. Students have the freedom to try and potentially fail but faculty members will always be around to catch their fall.

Staff will show students how to learn from their mistakes and the best methods of success. This mixture of freedom and guidance enables students to develop remarkable levels of confidence and resilience. In fact, a significant 70% of boarders report that school helped them develop self-discipline, maturity, independence and the ability to think critically.

6) Everlasting Bonds of Friendship

Throughout all this what boarding school students remember the most are usually the wonderful times with their friends and classmates. Boarding school is not just a school, it is a community. The shared communal experiences of dorm life produces friendships that are deeper and more meaningful, strong bonds unlike any other.

 There are academic benefits as well. Friends influence and tend to adopt each other’s their behaviors, good or bad. According to research, 78% of boarders are motivated by peers compared to 49% of public school students. This success oriented peer environment encourages boarding school students to support and intellectually stimulate each other.

7) Cultivating Social Skills

Obviously, there is also the social skills, boarding school students learn to communicate, cooperate and solve problems. They also gain experience in emotional regulation, perspective taking and adapting to relationship challenges that arise. These days “who you know” is just as important as “what you know”. Boarding school provides students with a wide network of diverse individuals. This will be vitally useful after graduation when they arrive in the working world.

The Boarding School Advantage

Thus, we can see that boarding school provides a distinct advantage for the average student. These key components gives boarding students the edge that makes them rise above the rest. Check out our international school page on the site, so your child can reap the benefits too!

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