How To Choose The Best Course To Study? Get The Answers From Yourself!

So, the time has come for you to enter the next stage of life, to graduate from the classrooms of high school of and step into the brights halls of higher education. Friends around you have already mapped out the brilliant future ahead of them. Maddy wants to be an Engineer, Ahmad is going to study in Australia, Lee is taking A-Levels to prepare for a career in law, etc. However instead of feeling happy and excited, you might feel anxiety and dread instead because you don’t know what to study!

You might feel overwhelmed, there are too many options yet too little choices! But don’t be worried, this is a natural feeling. Choosing the course you want to study is a big choice and not everyone knows what is right for them straightaway. So, here we show you how to take a few steps and decide the course that is best for you. Well, actually all the answers may already be inside you.

Most of us have a passion or hobby, something or area where we love pouring our heart and spending our time in. For example, an interest in art or drawing could be translated into a major in graphic design. What better to study than what you love? Even something you perceive as just ‘a useless hobby’ could open up many possible realms of study. If you love playing video games, perhaps you could study computer science to be video game programmer, or Illustration to be a concept artist or marketing to be involved in the advertising campaigns. Even in one interest there are many potential fields and industries at play either directly or indirectly.

Sometimes though it’s not just a matter of doing what you love but doing what you know. The skills and talents you’ve already acquired may also help in determining what course is best for you. If you are particularly skilled in an area there is no doubt you can find a field of study where you will excel in as well. For one, try examining which subjects were you exceptionally good at in high school. But this goes beyond just academics, soft skills and interpersonal skills are unique and critical abilities as well. For example, if you excel at communicating effectively with others, consider Journalism or Marketing as a major. It is also important to note what field of study suits your personality. Extroverts thrive in fast paced environments where social networking is vital while introverts excel when they are given the opportunity to work at their own pace.

If you are still unsure what to study, dig deeper and evaluate your life goals.This is approaching it in a more philosophical way. What are your values, what do you know you want long term? Do you want to help people in a direct meaningful way? Then perhaps studying psychology or medicine is for you. Analyze what you are looking for as a person. It can even be lifestyle choices. If you love staying in big bustling cities, studying agriculture or a field where travelling is frequent may not be for you.

To organize this better list out all the possible areas of study. Categorize yourself into your skills, personality, life goals and interest. For every category that is suitable, put a tick beside the course and see which course has the most matches. This is a good exercise, to keep everything in order and work through thinking about each course deeply. At the end you might just have found out what’s the best course for you! Still, it never hurts to gain more information before you make a decision. So, to find out the best ways to do that, go here.

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