A Holistic Education: The Values & Skills International Schools Instill

International schools do not just want their students to succeed academically. They actively seek to develop student’s intellectual, emotional, and social abilities as well. In fact, they provide a holistic education in students by instilling values and skills such as:

Critical Thinking

International schools promote an environment where individuality, inventiveness, and original thinking are valued. Through engaging self-directed learning instead of rote lectures, students are encouraged to utilize deduction and reflection to arrive at conclusions themselves. Hence, students are expected to understand instead of memorize, and develop intellectually through observation and investigation.

Many international schools also have an emphasis on STEM Education where students take an interdisciplinary and applied approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Hence, they are able to integrate their skills and knowledge cohesively and apply them to real world problems.


From theatre, music, dance, to art and more, international schools have a wide array of programs designed to let students explore their passions and unleash their inner potential.

For example, Shattuck-St.Mary Forest City International School’s innovative weCreate® program allows students to experiment with digital production, fashion design, graphic design, e-design, architecture, music editing and recording; robotics, woodwork, electronics, engineering and so much more under the guidance of expert faculty.

Shattuck-St.Mary Forest City International School’s innovative weCreate® program lets students discover their creative passions and interests.

Communication Skills

The engaging and discussion-based classrooms of international schools give students the self-confidence to be exceptional charismatic speakers. Through presentations, group-projects, social activities or programs such as theatre arts, international school students learn to articulate themselves clearly and fully utilize their body language to effectively convey their messages.

However, being a good team player is also a vital aspect of being a good communicator. International schools promote teamwork and collaboration between its students to foster a healthy school community. For example, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia’s House System lets students organize activities together across year groups.

St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia’s House System promotes teamwork and collaboration between its students.


International schools offer students exposure to many different learning environments through internships, volunteer work, community service and more. Thus, students can flexibly adapt to functioning efficiently in new and different environments. In addition, the enriching diversity of international schools will familiarize students to adjusting their behaviors appropriately in accordance to individuals with different cultural backgrounds.


The superb facilities, activities, and events of international schools encourage students to be physically fit, health-conscious individuals. Some of the facilities are even worthy of professional athletes such as Shattuck-St.Mary Forest City International School’s Olympic-sized swimming pool.

In addition, City Harbour International School’s collaboration with Outward Bound School (OBS), directly promotes the strength, agility and stamina of its student through letting them embark on fun and challenging weekly outdoors activities such as rafting, rock climbing, trekking, sailing, mountaineering and more.

City Harbour International School’s collaboration with Outward Bound School’s (OBS) fun and challenging outdoor activities promotes physically fit students.


Leadership opportunities are abound in the multitude of activities students can partake in. Hence, international school students become efficient and inspirational leaders through gaining invaluable organizational, management, and problem-solving skills. Students also learn to be decisive responsible individuals as many international schools empower students to make significant decisions about their own academics.


Many international Schools offer boarding opportunities where students learn essential independent living skills and how to be self sufficient individuals. Boarding schools provide a 24/7 learning environment where students become prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life while in a safe and supportive environment. Students develop self-discipline through managing their own chores, time, budget and more.

Shattuck-St.Mary Forest City International School’s boarding program develops students’ independence and self-discipline.

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