6 Cool Jobs of The Future And How You Can Study For Them

With the rise of automation, climate change and social media, the way we live in the future will change drastically and along with it so will our careers. Here we list some of possible jobs of the future and the majors you could study to get get involved in them:

6) Augmented Reality Designer

Snapchat filters, Pokemon Go, these are just the seedlings of a future where our reality will be augmented. In the future, it is possible that through bionic contact lenses or special glasses we will live in a world where digital images are superimposed over real live ones to give our lives a ‘boost’! Whether it’s for information or entertainment, these visual enhancements will drastically impact our lives and need someone to intelligently design them to make sure they are safe and effective for our everyday lives. Of course, studying computer science or computer engineering will give you the know-how and skills to develop a digital world.

5) Rewilder

Mankind’s greed has ravaged the world, its reckless pursuit of resources has led to wastelands where there was once lush green forests. Fortunately, it might not be too late to reverse course. A rewilder will be in charge of saving Mother Nature and reversing the damage humans have inflicted on the Earth by making the world wild again. This includes replacing roads with forest, decreasing light pollution, restoring flight patterns of birds, and designing plans to reintroduce nature into our lives. An environmental sciences degree will equip you with the knowledge of our ecosystems to reclaim the world.

4) Nanotech Engineer

You might think the future means everything is bigger and better but things might actually get smaller and better, way smaller, so small that it is invisible to the human eye. Nanotechnology has all kinds application from boosting the human immune system to constructing advanced flexible yet diamond hard materials. The possibilities are endless and as a nanotech engineer you will be able to experiment and innovate with it. Get yourself a degree in engineering and tinker with the latest technologies to prepare yourself for this little revolution.

3) Organ and Body Creator

Heart congested, lung punctured, liver failing? Why not just get a new one? Currently, the waiting list for organ transplants are long and dire. However, with future technology organs may be grown from STEM cells or even 3D printed. This requires individuals with a strong background in science and anatomy to ensure each created organ is customized and appropriate for each individual. Become a research expert and master of Biomedical Sciences and you might find yourself making a new brain for yourself!

2) Personal Brand Adviser

With the rise of Instagram and Facebook, our personal lives are no longer very personal. Every picture uploaded and every comment sent out is seen and evaluated by countless friends, acquaintance and even strangers. When the appearances of our digital lives can affect our everyday lives even professionally, people might need a personal brand adviser. Someone who will help you curate the image and public persona you want projected on screen for others. Of course, branding personal or corporate is all about marketing. Hence, a marketing degree might make you into a future personal brand guru.

1) Memory Surgeon

Memory is a fickle thing but in the future it might not be. Have a great memory about an amazing experience, strengthen it, have a negative one about a sad time, remove it. As we unlock more and more about the human mind, we have found that memory is easily manipulable and in the future manipulating it might be a full time career. Though the idea of having your memories altered might seem frightening it could potentially have tremendous benefit to those with psychological illnesses by removing or weakening memories of traumatic experiences. You could learn the intricacies of the human mind and help those in need now by studying psychology now too.

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