Mind Maps: A More Visual Way To Learn

A lot of are probably familiar with what mind maps are. In fact, many teachers actively encourage their students to use mind maps. A study found 80% of students thought mind-mapping helped them understand concepts and ideas better. Did you ever wonder why? Well, here we will be telling you what makes mind maps so beneficial and useful and why you should be using them more often.

What is a Mind Map?

A mind map is basically defined as a diagram used to visually organize information. Usually it is drawn with a single main point or concept in the centre of a blank page/whiteboard. From the center, more ideas are drawn around it and even more points branch out from there. It can be seen like a lake with rivers flowing out of it which then branch into little streams. For better organization, people like using different organization for different points.

So, What Are The Advantages of Mind Maps?

  • Easily To Comprehend

One of the main benefits of using mind maps are that they are visually appealing, nice and easy to look at! Instead of a long dry list of information, mind maps turn them into a colorful, organized, clearer picture. Hence, you will be able to comprehend a large amount of information quickly and easily. They are especially helpful if you are a visual person. In fact, research shows that art and design students found mind maps more useful than computer science students.

  • Generates Creativity

You might be surprised to learn that mind maps don’t just hep you organize ideas but also give you new ones! It’s a great tool for brainstorming and enhancing your creativity. This is because mind maps link points or ideas together showing the natural associations between them and prompting you to think about their deeper meanings and connections. In addition, the flexibility of mind maps gives you space and freedom to unleash a flow of ideas as opposed to strict linear thinking.

  • Boost Your Memory

The clean, colorful and appealing images of mind maps also makes them highly memorable. As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the visually stimulating image of a mind map is more evocative and potent than mere words. Also, an important factor in forming strong memories are strong connections and associations. The more you are familiar and understand the associations, the better you remember it. The branches and clean visuals of mind maps promote associations.

Remember, you don’t have to draw mind maps by hand, there are various tools and apps available for you too.

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