Why Become a Global Scholar?

In the prologue of Sir Ken Robinson’s ‘Out of Our Minds’ revised edition, he perceives that ‘the more complex the world becomes, the more creative we need to be to meet its challenges’, and this has become progressively relevant in the discussion of education and the workforce. While the concept of achieving success has evolved with our interconnected world, the education system has been slow in calibrating its approach to accommodate students of the 21st century. We now live in an era that emphasises on individuals possessing the creative capacity to solve, communicate and lead in a corporate world. This is as oppose to the traditional structure of compliance and conformity required to hold down employment in the past.

As a means of global understanding and diversity in education, collaborations within educational groups have provided an equal opportunity towards world-renowned education. This approach has been widely accepted by global leaders looking for a way to strengthen their country’s educational standards, as their ability to support schools and teaching staff of a different syllabus generates a society of global citizens. With an ever-growing economy, Malaysia has welcomed multiple institutions that provide an international qualification accompanied with study abroad opportunities, that allow students to experience a different learning environment. This has proven to be incredibly beneficial to both student and country, as it produces intuitive learners of a global perspective.

A global scholar is informally translated as an internationally-learned person in academic and multidisciplinary matters. The initiative is a platform designed to bring together globally-acclaimed institutions and students through educational services, shared communication and future connections. Besides providing a facility of in-depth articles and debates, The Global Scholars is officially linked to international-curriculum based schools and universities, and encourages the pursuit of a global education within the country.

The Global Scholars logo is circularly structured to illustrate the universal concept of a continuous learning experience, that symbolises growth and an unrealised potential.

The colours incorporated into the logo represents the three stages of education under The Global Scholars. The yellow-coloured stripe portrays an unrestrained imagination of social learning and communicating skills. It also colours in the fresh start of an early year education to nursery and primary school students.

The design fades into a deep red, symbolising the second stage of education. High school students and promising college or university applicants go through phases of experimentation and decision-making situations that contribute significantly to their self-image and character.

A blue is also positioned as one of the colours to depict the real-world students are thrusted into after they graduate from their respective institutions. Be it in their objective to continue their education in a postgrad degree, blue portrays the independence and perseverance adapted to succeed in the professional world.
Through an empowerment to quality learning on an international scale, Global Scholars connects the next generation of academically-inclined creatives and communicators to sustain a world of education beyond borders.

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