5 Qualities Universities Look for in Students

The transition from high school to college is undoubtedly a challenging process. A recent Survey of University Admissions Officers, commissioned by ACS International Schools, underscored some of the top qualities that universities look for in students. Here’s a closer look at these qualities: Ability to learn independently Independent learning is an important quality as students […]

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Boarding School: The Springboard for Success

According to research conducted by The Association of Boarding Schools, the number of boarding school graduates who achieve prestigious top management positions in their mid and late careers is significantly higher compared to the number of private and public school graduates with similar achievements. What causes this disparity? How can boarding schools help nurture high […]

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How can education help cultivate EQ among the young?

Do you remember when or how you learned to identify, manage, and recognize your emotions? For many adults, the answer is: No. More often than not, you stumbled your way through those baffling life moments on your own. As important as navigating our inner landscape is, it is not something that is explicitly taught in […]

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The Importance of a Quality Learning Environment

More often than not, parents place focus on their child’s academic performance and achievements with little regard for the learning environment in which they place their child. But did you know that a positive learning environment is also pivotal to the child’s success? A positive learning environment allows the child to develop a sense of […]

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A Smoother Transition: SSM’s ScholarShift

ScholarShift® The transition from high school to university is often full of surprises for the unprepared. Many students struggle to come to grips with the higher expectations required by higher education. Although there are common skill sets necessary in both contexts, university students need to be able to master more challenging study skills, including understanding […]

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What Do Innovative Companies Look For When Hiring?

Amazon. Google. Facebook. These names are among the forerunners of a slew of innovation-centric companies that have become staples in today’s society. Many people would love to be part of these game-changers that are transforming the global landscape, but what do these companies really look for in their potential employees? How do they separate the […]

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The Power of Learning Through Play

We usually think of playing and learning as total opposites of each other. However, playing can actually complement a young child’s learning process. Research has found that play-based learning can be an effective method of developing young children’s cognition, creativity, social skills, self-esteem and willingness to engage in new environments. What is Play-Based Learning? Children […]

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