Preparing Students For Success in Higher Education

The students of St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (SJIIM) have made the news again for their outstanding academic achievements. They achieved an overall average of 37 points for their 2019 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examinations, significantly higher than the global average of 29.8. In fact, 30% of SJIIM’s IBDP students are in the top 10% of worldwide results and one student, Chong Ying Xuan, even scored a near perfect 43 points. However, these academically brilliant students are not the end-goal of SJIIM but merely a reflection of their efforts to produce well equipped and well-rounded students who are prepared for success in higher education and beyond.

It is often you hear that once academically excellent students in high school become lackluster in university. This is partly due to the vast difference in educational approaches as universities utilize discussion and self-directed independent learning rather than rote instruction. SJIIM empowers students to embody the independence and critical thinking essential to higher education environments. The school’s expert educators instill a passion for learning in students and challenge them to critically analyze their materials in lively discussions. As aforementioned SJIIM IBDP top scorer, Chong Ying Xuan, states “Learning at SJIIM presents knowledge not simply as facts, but also as something to be examined, debated and criticized. This challenges us to seek a wider perspective beyond the constraints of a textbook”

Nicol Yong at the International Youth English Speaking Competition.

Another way SJIIM prepares students for success in higher education is its emphasis on holistic development. In addition to the curriculum, a multitude of co-curricular activities and events are designed to enhance student’s physical fitness, communication abilities, and emotional management. The development of these skills is actively fostered and has led to students such as Nicol Yong winning the 21st Century Cup International English Speaking Competition in Hanzou, China. Communication skills are especially important, as the ability to clearly articulate your ideas and create a network of important industry contacts which is invaluable in higher education. With an abundance of presentations, research and group projects, university learning is highly collaborative in nature.

Still, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia’s most effective way of preparing students for higher education is by infusing them with positive values and firm moral character. Lasallian education is a core ethos of SJIIM, it believes in the development of moral and civic virtues such as compassion, humility, and community awareness in conjunction with intellectual and performative virtues such as diligence and perseverance. Through faculty guidance and involvement in community service and charities, these virtues and values are imparted to students to give them the inner motivation needed to constantly improve themselves. With a strong goal and vision for themselves and the community, students will able to immerse themselves in their higher education studies with passion. Hence, they will perverse through the many challenges of higher education boldly and proudly.

Located in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia is an exceptional international school that has achieved unprecedented student growth and produced well-rounded students with outstanding academic results. The passionate and experienced educational professionals of the school are dedicated to not just prepare students for success in higher education but also life beyond it. SJIIM welcomes all new and prospective parents for enquiries and admissions at the school.

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