Kingsgate International School takes the pride in becoming the first choice educational institution for students in the region. A commitment to providing Inclusive Education ensures the  entire community of learners pursue challenging goals in all aspects of their education. At Kingsgate International School, learning is continually evolving, flexible and responsive to the needs of students along with providing opportunities to pave their future.

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Young children learn through life experiences, through their play and interactions with each other and the environment. Children construct meaning and make sense of the world around them. In the Early Years at Kingsgate International School, they see play as essential in supporting children’s learning and development. Play occurs in both indoor and outdoor environments and provides a context for children to feel comfortable and express themselves as well as a way to satisfy their natural curiosity. In play, children can learn in a variety of ways as they engage socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually with other children, adults and the environment.


Primary School

The Kingsgate Primary School curriculum programmes include both homeroom teachers and a range of specialist learning programs to provide a holistic learning experience for all students. Specialist learning will include: Music, Art, PE, IT, library, Malay, Mandarin, and Islamic studies for Muslim students.

This school’s philosophy reflects Understanding by Design UbD theories that focus on “beginning with the end in mind.” In order to maximize student achievement, they ensure  to drive all planning towards common goals. Learning needs to be shaped within real life contexts and it needs to be meaningful and engaging for young adolescents.

Secondary School

Kingsgate International School delivers a rigorous and highly focussed curriculum that also builds a breadth of life skills in preparing children for their adult world. Year 7-9 students (Key Stage 3) will follow a conceptually based middle school curriculum that prepares them  for the Upper Secondary Pathway.

Year 10-11 students (Key Stage 4) will follow a college preparatory model that follows the IGCSE Secondary Pathway. This two-year IGCSE programme is academically rigorous but broad, allowing children to develop their strengths further in preparation for specialisation in A Levels.


Unique Features

Innovation Lab

As a centre for entrepreneurship, the innovation lab in Kingsgate International School is unique in its accessibility. The i-lab is open to any young entrepreneurs and innovators as part of the Venture Incubation Program, an integrated mentor program that combines mentoring, workshops and community to help the teams move their startup ideas and innovations.

ECA’s and Clubs

Kingsgate International School aims to develop a vibrant community of students, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni. Everyone will seek out opportunities to pursue their interests inside of the classroom but also beyond the classroom through our wide range of clubs, athletic sports, organizations, programs, and events which facilitate student interests, teacher skills and abilities.

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