Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is committed to providing a holistic approach to education. At its core is a dedicated professional services team that is instrumental in nurturing a forward-thinking campus environment to enable students to cultivate the values and skills required to navigate the complexities of the healthcare landscape as well as their individual development.

“In making our campus a thriving home for future healthcare leaders, our professional services team takes centre stage in ensuring a supportive environment for all our students throughout their university journey and beyond,” shared Premila Nair, the Chief Operating Officer of NUMed. 

Subhashini Ganatharan, the university’s Senior Accommodation Manager, concurs, sharing that a significant role of the operations team is to ensure that all students are taken care of and their needs met. This includes allocating rooms and communicating effectively with the students to manage expectations.

According to Hani Shuhaimi, Senior Admissions Manager, creating a safe space for students is of paramount importance. “It is crucial to address the concerns and expectations of students, particularly those who may face challenges in adjusting to an environment away from their families. I feel that sharing personal experiences and offering insights on how to adapt and build resilience can be highly beneficial for prospective students,” she said.

In nurturing an enriching learning environment, Thanaletchumi Perumal, Senior Curriculum Manager (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) at NUMed, is emphatic that innovation is key. “Simulation-based learning helps students develop practical skills and decision-making abilities. Community-based learning allows them to engage with patients and healthcare providers in diverse settings. Global health initiatives offer opportunities for them to broaden their perspectives. Methods like flipped classrooms encourage active learning, critical thinking and collaboration. These examples demonstrate that medical schools are continuously adapting to prepare students for the complex and evolving world of healthcare.”

The amount of knowledge needed for medical school can be daunting. Library Manager Norasikin Darsono attempts to facilitate this process for students by providing a myriad of resources under one roof. “Our collections reflect the diverse needs of our community, which includes not only books, but also updated electronic resources such as e-books, e-journals, and online databases,” she said. 

Beyond that, the laboratory is also an essential component for the students. Teaching Technician Nurul Nadia Selamat shares that good maintenance of the equipment and machines is instrumental to enable a seamless workflow for academics and students at NUMed. “ Our team is dedicated to ensuring that students have access to a continuous supply of consumables, chemicals, and reagents for practicals, examinations, and teaching sessions,” she said.

The success of a university is not solely determined by its infrastructure or academic programmes; rather, it resonates in the collective passion of the people who contribute to its growth and vibrancy. The operations team is, undeniably, the heartbeat of NUMed, tirelessly nurturing an environment that facilitates growth and vibrancy.

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