NUMed’s Student Activities: Benefitting Your Present and Future

For one, student activities are a great way for you to explore your passions and interests outside of academics. Furthermore, these activities not only strengthen peer relationships in the present but are also an excellent way to enhance one’s interpersonal capabilities, including leadership, presentation and stress management skills as well as team work, all of which could provide students a distinct advantage stepping into the working world.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), the international branch campus of the world-class Newcastle University in the UK, provides outstanding medical education for students in Malaysia while emphasising active student involvement in extra-curricular activities as well. This makes it an ideal destination for those who aspire to become well-rounded medical professionals.

According to Prof. Chris Baldwin, the CEO and Provost of NUMed, “Medical studies have a reputation for being academically challenging, but that should not deter students from embracing university life fully.” In fact, the university takes pride in providing an environment that is conducive for the holistic wellbeing of its students.

NUMed has a vibrant Student Association that hosts a huge range of activities via a variety of clubs and societies. The activities that were successfully carried out by the Student Association recently include NUMed’s Cultural Festival that celebrated the rich diversity of the university’s student body. Students represented different countries of the world with the aim of educating their peers on cultural distinctions and the importance of collaboration and cooperation.

Students at NUMed are encouraged to participate in student activities to build skills and potentials for personal development

“Our student body is made up of a diverse population from all around the world – Dubai, Singapore, Maldives, Egypt, New Zealand and other countries. Hence, the Cultural Festival acts as an avenue for the students here to introduce and promote their respective cultures,” explained Dania Bassim, President of the Student Association.

“It was interesting to witness the harmony amidst the diversity,” said Aisswarya Vasu, Vice President of the Student Association, who was overjoyed by the positive response received from the lecturers and students on the event.

Besides that, as the university upholds the status of a civic institution that looks forward to serving the community, NUMed also places great focus on organising activities that allow students to engage with the local communities. The recent Health Camp 2018 conducted by NUMed’s clinical students, with the assistance of the clinical staff, is an example of this. The camp carried the theme “Obesity”, which is a growing concern among Malaysians. The dual-purpose event focused on giving back to the community while simultaneously preparing the next generation of medical professionals.

At NUMed, the emphasis on both academic excellence and extra-curricular activities offers the right mix for students to get the most out of their journey toward becoming a doctor. For more information about NUMed and its activities, log on to

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