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Chasing deadlines and running late to lectures are often the most strenuous forms of exercise many students engage in. Even the thought of finding time to slot in a regular exercise routine is enough to make some of us sweat. But an active lifestyle can benefit the overall wellbeing of students. While academics are always important, sports play a major role in shaping the character of a student. From strengthening the mind to promoting better time management skills, sports activities can help students succeed in more than just their academic endeavours.

The NUMed Games was introduced in 2014 by Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) in recognition of the importance of an all-rounded education for its students. Since then, the Games has earned a reputation as a highly anticipated and prestigious annual sports competition. From an initial 80 participants at the inaugural Games, it has grown to include 626 students from 15 different universities.
Competitors from universities across Malaysia and Singapore have been striving to secure personal success and to help their respective universities win the overall coveted title of winners of NUMed Games in various different sports events, namely futsal, basketball, volleyball, badminton, track and field, Frisbee, swimming, netball, table tennis, and tennis.

The Student Association of NUMed plays a key role in the event’s success; the group is in charge of the overall organisation of the NUMed Games, which involves communication and coordination among the participating universities. Izham Shazwan Halid, the president of NUMed Student Association, said, “The NUMed Games allows students of diverse backgrounds to compete with one another in a variety of sports events. Its impact on students is significant – NUMed Games encourages fellow students to find a balance between academics and social spheres of university life.” “It’s terribly easy for medical students to get caught up in their busy schedules that can lead to sedentary lifestyles. That is why I think NUMed Games is the perfect remedy for our enduring struggles of work-life balance and that we should actively get ourselves involved,” he added. The success of NUMed Games has also been built on the sports facilities available at EduCity Sports Complex, where the competition takes place every year. The complex, which is located in EduCity, has proven to be the perfect venue as it includes an arena and pitches for field sports and athletics, an indoor arena and facilities for badminton and netball, a gymnasium and a 50-metre swimming pool.

The university strives to emphasise a holistic educational experience for its students by ensuring that they enjoy vibrant social, sporting and cultural offerings to complement the world-renowned medical education it provides.

NUMed is the first fully owned international branch campus offering a degree in medicine conferred by a UK university. Established in 2009, NUMed draws on the legacy of Newcastle University in the UK. Since its inception in 1834 as a medical school, the institution has always been at the forefront of research and teaching, and its reputation has been externally confirmed to be of the highest international quality.

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