Medicine around the Globe: Comparing Costs of Medical School

Cost is an important factor when you are considering furthering your studies. This is more so when you are looking at medical school, which can be an extremely time-consuming and demanding journey – physically, mentally, intellectually and, of course, financially. Nevertheless, the costs can vary, depending on where you choose to go. Some of the top destinations for medical education are the USA, the UK and Australia.

Medicine in the USA

Aspiring doctors are required to already have a bachelor’s degree in hand before applying for entry to medical school in the USA. Subsequently, it takes about four years to complete their medical studies. The cost varies between public and private institutions. The average cost of medical school in a public institution can amount up to USD32,000 (RM130,112) per year whereas it is almost USD50,000 (RM203,300) in a private institution. In total, you can look at spending about US$140,000 to US$240,000(RM569,240 to RM975,840) to complete medical school in the USA, and this does not include the undergraduate degree.

Medicine in the UK

Unlike in the USA, medical education in the UK is provided as an undergraduate degree course. The average cost of medical education in the UK is around £38,000 (RM200,808) per year. Since pursuing the undergraduate medical degree in the UK takes around six years, the total cost would be around £228,000 (RM1,204,850).

Medicine in Australia

Australia is another popular choice for students looking to further their medical education despite the high cost of living there. Similar to the UK, medicine in Australia is offered as an undergraduate or postgraduate course. Obtaining a medical degree there will take about five to six years with an average cost of around AUD400,000 to AUD450,000 (RM1,197,673 to RM1,347,382).

and Medicine in Malaysia

Those looking to step into the medical field will find that they can obtain a prestigious medical education from the UK at a significantly lower cost at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), the international branch campus of Newcastle University, UK. With a total cost amounting to around RM450,000, NUMed’s medical programme is identical to what is being offered at Newcastle University, UK, and NUMed graduates will receive the exact same degree as their UK counterparts at a lower price tag. As a bonus, NUMed graduates will also acquire double accreditation from the Malaysian Medical Council (NMC) and General Medical Council (GMC).

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