FUTUREMADE in the Infinite Game of Business

When joining our School and Heriot-Watt University, you join a network of industry professionals, top academics and people driven to succeed. We are here to prepare you to enter competitive job markets, excel professionally or even start a new business.”

– Professor Heather McGregor, Executive Dean of Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University

A world-class business school, Heriot-Watt University’s Edinburgh Business School is no stranger to transforming the education landscape. Having pioneered the world’s first distance learning MBA programme in 1990, the School has gone on to provide highly sought-after, internationally recognised programmes year after year.

Edinburgh Business School recently joined forces with the University’s School of Social Sciences, expanding its repertoire to include undergraduate business courses in accounting, finance, management and marketing in addition to delivering well-established Masters and PhD programmes. Now, students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels are able to reap the benefits of accessing even more of the world’s top lecturers and researchers: industry-experienced minds pushing boundaries in their field of expertise to challenge convention by encouraging curiosity, ambition and boldness.

Among others, Edinburgh Business School practises positive education to nurture the development of an infinite mind-set among its students. For one, students and staff members alike are requested to write an impact statement detailing how they can make a difference in the future. Students’ resilience and emotional intelligence are further built upon through a structured programme during their first year of studies to help them realise their potential in becoming courageous leaders who are able to build trusting teams.

Armed with an infinite mind-set, Heriot-Watt’s Edinburgh Business School students are future made to be infinite players in the infinite game of business. Visit to find out more.

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