Foundation in Business (FIB) leads to multiple pathways at the University of Reading

The Foundation in Business (FIB) offered at the University of Reading Malaysia, the international branch campus of the University of Reading in the UK, provides students with multiple pathways and options towards an undergraduate degree. Aimed primarily at SPM holders, there are two intakes of FIB each year, in April and September.

A unique feature of FIB that distinguishes it from other foundation programmes is that students who successfully complete FIB can progress to their chosen degree programme either at the university’s UK campus or Malaysia campus.

The UK campus is located in the beautiful town of Reading, which is only 25 minutes from London by train. Students graduating from FIB also benefit from a 20% discount on the regular international fees, which amounts to a substantial saving over 3 years. If a student chooses to continue on the Malaysian campus at Educity, Iskandar Johor, they end up saving even more than if they went directly to the UK, but follow exactly the same curriculum as they would do if they were at the UK campus. So FIB provides a cost-effective solution for obtaining a UK degree regardless of whether the student goes to the UK or remains in Malaysia.

When it comes to choice of undergraduate degrees, students who enrol on FIB have more than just a business degree to choose from. At the Malaysian campus, the range of degree options for FIB students is diverse and includes:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Finance and business
  • Real Estate
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Psychology
  • Law (subject to provisional accreditation in Malaysia)

The FIB is 12-months in duration, which is the norm in Malaysia for a foundation programme, and students are required to complete a total of four modules. At the start of FIB, students indicate the degree programme that they are most interested in progressing onto, and based on this, the four modules to study are recommended to them. For example, if a student is interested in studying BSc Accounting and Finance, we recommend that they study the modules on economics and mathematics as part of their FIB.

One module that is mandatory in FIB is ‘Academic Skills’. This module is designed to help students become independent learners who are capable of finding information, examining issues and less dependent on being spoon-fed. The Academic Skills module also helps students develop their writing skills so that they understand how to structure reports and organise their written assignments. The small class sizes at the University of Reading’s Malaysia campus also allow students to benefit from greater personal interaction with faculty and other students.

In addition to academic skills, the FIB also helps students develop soft skills such as problem-solving, working in teams and communications, which we know are vital for their career development. This is achieved, in part, through events and activities such as a the Foundation Away Day.

In sum, the FIB at the University of Reading Malaysia provides students will lots of undergraduate degree pathways to choose from, whether they intend to study in the UK or remain in Malaysia, at an affordable and cost-effective fee.

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