6th Congregation Shines Spotlight on Achievement and Dedication of NUMed Students

Academic achievements of Malaysia’s medical students were celebrated at the Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) 6th Congregation ceremony on 21st July 2019. A total of 133 students received their scrolls during this auspicious event, with 110 of them from the university’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme, and five from its BSc (Honours) […]

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Benefits of Studying in an International School

10 Fantastic Benefits of Studying in an International School

International schools are becoming more and more popular in Malaysia. Parents are starting to see the clear benefits of studying in an international school for their children but if you aren’t sure what they are take a look below: 10) International Environment One of the biggest strengths of international schools are its international environments where […]

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The Power of Arts Education in International Schools

Many individuals believe that in education, students should focus heavily on academics especially the sciences and that other areas such as arts are frivolous and unimportant. However, a multitude of studies has displayed that arts in education provides tremendous benefits to students by developing their motor skills, intellect, emotional management, communication skills, creativity and more. […]

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SJIIM Students Obtain Outstanding IBDP Results Again

Students of St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (SJIIM) once again surpassed all expectations by producing outstanding results in the recent 2019 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examinations. 30% of its IBDP students obtained 40 points and above which should place them in the top 10% of worldwide results. SJIIM also achieved an overall average […]

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Your start to the fascinating field of psychology at the University of Reading Malaysia

Forensic psychology is a fascinating field that combines psychology and the legal system. It involves applying psychological research to police work, the courts, as well as institutions that protect crime victims and manage offenders. Topics such as criminal profiling or psychopathy are popular themes for many movies and television series. Crime dramas like Criminal Minds […]

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reasons to study stem

6 Reasons You Should Get a STEM Degree

You’ve probably heard everyone from politicians to industry leaders say this ‘STEM is the future’. You hear it so often because it’s true! STEM is academic disciplines that deal with science, technology, engineering and maths, it includes everything from engineering, actuarial science, robotics physics, biology to computer science. As we move towards a knowledge based […]

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What is Lasallian Education?

Located in Tropicana, Petaling Jaya, St. Joseph’s Institution International School Malaysia (SJIIM) is an exceptional international school that has achieved unprecedented student growth and produced well-rounded students with outstanding academic results. In the 2018 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) examinations, two SJIIM students scored a near perfect 44 points while most students boasted an aggregate score […]

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4 Important Ways The IBDP Prepares Students For The Future

In the past, academic success in schools could often be achieved by memorising the content, regurgitating that information during an exam, and promptly forgetting a good portion of it thereafter. But it has become increasingly common for schools to shake up their curricula – and many are doing so with students’ long-term personal and professional […]

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Combining academic and professional accreditation give students at the University of Reading Malaysia a Global Career Advantage

Importance of professional qualifications To advance in many careers, it is not sufficient to have purely academic qualifications. Students must also obtain professional qualifications which allow them to be certified to practice. An academic qualification, such as an undergraduate degree, typically provides a student with knowledge about the subject matter, whereas a professional qualification demonstrates […]

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things you can do with an actuarial science degree

5 Things You Can Do With An Actuarial Science Degree

No, math isn’t just for nerds and science geeks! It’s an essential money-making tool in the business and finance world. With a degree in actuarial science you will apply mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance, finance and other industries and professions. Your expertise in finance and statistics will make you be in-demand […]

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