Get the best of both worlds with the University of Reading Malaysia

Choosing the right higher education institution for your child can be a tough challenge given how saturated the market is. When it comes to quality, affordability, and pointing your child towards the best future, the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM) is a trusted mark of academic excellence and a starting point for a fruitful career. […]

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Fast-track your way to an undergraduate degree with the University of Reading Malaysia’s Foundation Programmes

In the world of academia, there is no substitute for reputation. A good name matters, so if you’re a parent, wherever you are and whatever future you see for child, a degree from the University of Reading is a trusted mark of their academic achievement and the starting point of a satisfying and rewarding career […]

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Maximise your career opportunities with a psychology degree at the University of Reading Malaysia

For individuals who find themselves curious about human behaviour and thought, a degree in psychology could be the ideal path to fulfilling your interests. For undergraduate student Jiun Ting Tan, who is undertaking a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Psychology at the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM), studying psychology offers her the perfect chance […]

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NUMed Games

Chasing deadlines and running late to lectures are often the most strenuous forms of exercise many students engage in. Even the thought of finding time to slot in a regular exercise routine is enough to make some of us sweat. But an active lifestyle can benefit the overall wellbeing of students. While academics are always […]

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Malaysia’s Very Own Patch Adams

Patch Adams, best known as a medical doctor cum clown who runs the Gesundheit Institute, a free, full-scale hospital, has inspired many people. In Malaysia, we have our very own “Patch Adams”, whom we fondly call the Teddy Bear Doctor. While Patch Adams treats patients with humour, Dr. S. Madhusudhan treats his patients with compassion, […]

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Medicine around the Globe: Comparing Costs of Medical School

Cost is an important factor when you are considering furthering your studies. This is more so when you are looking at medical school, which can be an extremely time-consuming and demanding journey – physically, mentally, intellectually and, of course, financially. Nevertheless, the costs can vary, depending on where you choose to go. Some of the […]

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Medical Education Helps in the Character-Building of a Doctor

Medical school is the first official step toward a medical career. It equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job. Still, technical expertise is not the only requirement to becoming a doctor. The character of a doctor matters as well. Patients trust and rely on those they acknowledge as a “good […]

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A Top British Medical University is now in Malaysia

Do you want to pursue a career in medicine? Now you can experience the best of British medical education on Malaysian shores. Here is why Newcastle University is your best choice for medical studies. Alongside Oxford and Harvard in the similar field, many might not be aware that Newcastle University had also sustained a long […]

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Top-notch Medical Education in Malaysia with NUMed

Driven by almost two centuries of academic excellence, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is the ideal place to develop your aspirations of a career in medicine or biomedical sciences. Established in 2009, this international branch campus of NUMed draws on the legacy of Newcastle University in the UK. Since its inception in 1834 as a […]

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