UK vs US education system

Top 5 Reasons You Should Get A UK Degree

UK universities are one of the most popular choices for Malaysian students. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll make yourself stand out from the crowd with a UK degree: 5) International Recognition UK institutions have a long history of producing the best and brightest minds. Oxford and Cambridge are household names. A large […]

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Pros and cons of tablets

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks? The Pros and Cons of Tablets

More and more schools worldwide are deciding to utilize tablets and e-textbooks instead of traditional textbooks. Some contest it’s the way of the future and it’s inevitable since children are now being reared in a digital world. Let’s take a close look at the pros and cons of this technological tool on education. Pros: Easier […]

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Learning in The New Age: How Technology Revolutionises Education

We now live in a new age. The modern world has seen massive technological leaps in the last few decades. Self-driving cars, mega online retailers, 3D-printed infrastructures – many industries are quickly rushing to adopt these new technologies and transform themselves further for their ever demanding market. But the people who deserve to reap the […]

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Studying Abroad: Why is the Cost of Overseas Tuition Rising?

In the era of the 21st Century education, the possibility of studying abroad is branched out into an endless loop of foreign opportunities. Young Malaysians have adjusted to the concept better now as the country progresses into its educational revolution. While foreign institutions continue to shift their outreach with programmes in campuses built within partnering […]

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