Educational facilities and their design have a considerable impact on how students learn. Recent research demonstrates that atmosphere and amenities are important factors in the students’ participation, behaviour, and health. Therefore, it is important for tertiary educational institutions to maintain a suitable and modern learning environment in order to encourage a vibrant student life.

Bringing the best of British education to Malaysian shores, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is at the forefront of producing workplace-ready graduates. The university offers a Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme in addition to its acclaimed undergraduate degrees in medicine (MBBS) and biomedical sciences, as well as opportunities for postgraduate study.

This international branch campus draws on the legacy of Newcastle University in the UK. Established in 1834 as a medical school, Newcastle University, UK, has always been at the forefront of research and teaching, with its reputation externally confirmed to be of the highest international quality. The establishment of NUMed in Malaysia means that students in Malaysia and the region now have the advantage to experience the best of both worlds – world-class education with a global perspective but made available in the comfortable confines of the country. 

“The icing on the cake is that NUMed has some of the best facilities on campus, which will efficiently facilitate learning and promote a vibrant student life. The campus is a part of EduCity in Iskandar Puteri, one of the biggest developments in the Iskandar Development Region, which will develop into a top-tier district for business, living, and leisure,” said Ms Premila Nair, NUMed’s Chief Operating Officer.

Thus, NUMed is ideally situated for students who want their university experience to be full of social activities as well as having a proper avenue to advance their medical education with convenient amenities and well-equipped laboratories at their fingertips.

According to Dr Edmund Ong, Associate Professor and Consultant Physician at NUMed, the medical and biomedical sciences students at NUMed have access to a variety of research projects focusing on clinical and applied aspects of medicine. The various laboratories provided at NUMed, such as the Clinical Lab, Anatomy Lab, Wet Teaching Lab, and Simulation Lab, make these research projects convenient and more cohesive. “These laboratories offer numerous opportunities for our students to engage in hands-on experiences that will help them prepare for their careers in the medical field,” Dr Edmund explained.

“Overall, NUMed is committed to providing a top-notch learning experience to all its students. Hence, it is well-equipped with the latest facilities and laboratory technologies to make sure that its students are able to gain first-hand experience to enhance their practical skills. This helps them to be equipped with analytical knowledge that will allow them to be competent in their careers,” said Dr Madihah Rushaishi, Dean of Biomedical Sciences at NUMed.

NUMed students will have access to both on-campus and EduCity Iskandar Malaysia sports, social, and recreational facilities. “At EduCity, our students have access to a world-class stadium and sports complex, which opened in August 2013. This sports complex includes an outdoor arena and pitches for field sports and athletics, an indoor arena and facilities for sports such as badminton and volleyball, a gymnasium and aerobic room, and an aquatic centre with a 50-metre swimming pool,” Ms Nair further added.

As a founding member of the Russell Group, Newcastle University, UK, is  recognised as a world-class research-intensive university. As its wholly owned international campus, NUMed provides its students with top-notch education, with the same UK curricula and qualifications as what is offered at its parent university. 

For more details on how to kickstart your medical journey with NUMed, email, call 07-555 3800, WhatsApp 011-1231 5411 / 012-7849456, or visit the NUMed website at

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