6 Things You Can Study If You Love Sports

Do you spend all night watching The English Premiere League? Does the thrill of the game make your heart race? Do you love sports? If you do check out how you can turn your passion into a future career with these things you can study if you love sports.

6) Sports Science

Analyze sports through a scientific lens with a degree in sports science. Sports Science is the study of the scientific principles behind exercise performance, specifically the effects of exercise on the biology of the human body from the cellular level to the whole body. This degree prepares you to be an athletic trainer, fitness manager, coach, exercise physiologist and more.

5) Physiotherapy

Sports can sometimes be dangerous and damaging. For example, basketball players frequently rupture their tendons in accident on court. For recovery, these athletes require physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury, disease and disorders through physical methods such as exercise, massage, and manipulation. The goal of physiotherapy is to optimize and maintain body movement especially for those who have experienced loss of mobility.

4) Psychology

You might think psychology is the furthest thing from sports but the human mind is linked inexplicably with human physical activity and exercise. In fact, there is a sub speciality of psychology that deals specifically with sports called sports psychology. Sports psychologist are equipped to deal with the unique mental issues that face athlete such as intense pressure and psychological recovery from injuries. They also work to increase athlete performance and motivation.

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3) Nutrition

Sports is more than just a career, it’s a lifestyle. For an athlete, every calorie, carbohydrate, protein and vitamin they eat or drink matters. Thus, they need valuable advice on this subject. Sports Nutrition focuses its studies on the type, as well as the quantity of fluids and food taken by an athlete. They also focus on energy and recovery supplements that can boost athlete performance.

2) Mass Communication

Express your love of sports to the widest audience possible by studying Mass Communication. As a sports journalist you can work anywhere from newspapers, websites, radio stations to television channels. Your role may include interviewing coaches and athletes, reporting on sports news, providing sports commentary and speculating on future performances.

1) Business

Like almost everything else, sports is a business, a multi-billion dollar business. It needs everything from accountants, human resource managers, real estate developers to CEOs to keep the industry gears running. More particular sports business careers in sports management include event managers, facility managers, sports economists, financial, promotion or information experts.

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