6 Things You Can Do With A Real Estate Degree

A degree in real estate prepares you for the competitive world of land and property management in all aspects from development plans, legal matters to finances. Other than in-depth knowledge on the real estate sector, it gives you the ability to manage and analyse complex data, effective communication skills and leadership skills. This opens up a variety of job opportunities in the real estate industry such as:

6) Real Estate Appraiser

Most real estate is valuable but exactly how valuable is often determined by a real estate appraiser. Also known as a real estate valuer, in this role, you estimate the commercial value of buildings and pieces of land. You will need to visit the and analyze the property, comparing it to the current market.

5) Property Manager

As a property or estates manager, your job will to run operations of a property whether its a residential area, heritage site, shopping mall or office building, as effectively as possible. Your goal is to solve problems and maximize financial returns from the property.

4) Real Estate Developer

Real estate developers are the bigwigs of the business, millionaires such as Donald Trump. They work on the planning and development of real estate projects. For this top position,you must have an eye to recognize the potential of a site, purchase it, then collaborate with construction firms to develop it into anything from shopping malls to apartment complexes.

asian business people with safety hats and blueprint.

3) Commercial Real Estate Consultant

Businesses seeking to expand whether it’s opening new offices or setting up new stores, need the valuable advice of an expert in real estate. That’s where commercial real estate consultants come in. They look for the perfect location for a businesses needs, analyzing data, statistics and evaluating all prospects thoroughly so businesses maximize profits.

2) Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker are essentially licensed professionals who sell real estate.They work to negotiate sales agreements and manage the documentation required for closing real estate transactions. They also help buyers gain all the information they need for the purchase by coordinating visits and viewings of the property and explaining documentation issues.

1) Real Estate Portfolio Manager

The task of a real estate portfolio manager is to cultivate market value and maximize a company’s real estate portfolio value for investment purposes. They formulate and execute long-range real estate asset management or fund management strategies in addition to allocating assets, adjusting risk and supervising transactions.

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