6 Reasons You Should Get a STEM Degree

You’ve probably heard everyone from politicians to industry leaders say this ‘STEM is the future’. You hear it so often because it’s true! STEM is academic disciplines that deal with science, technology, engineering and maths, it includes everything from engineering, actuarial science, robotics physics, biology to computer science. As we move towards a knowledge based economy STEM fields will be booming, so take heed and check out these reasons you should get a STEM degree:

6) Job Security

There’s been a lot of talk about Industrial Revolution 4.0 and how automation will make a whole range everyday jobs obsolete. Thankfully, STEM workers do not have to worry about this. In fact, for STEM related careers the opposite will happen. The STEM field is growing is exponentially and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, it is predicted over the next decade 75% of all jobs will require STEM skills. Even right now, graduates with STEM degrees are highly in demand everywhere from USA to China, giving you the option to work overseas.

5) Wide Range of Careers

When one thinks of STEM jobs, many picture electrical engineers or computer programmers. However, in truth there is a whole range of diverse careers available to you. For example, these jobs include biomedical scientist, analaytics manager, chemist, web developer, data analyst, environmental scientist, cost estimator, solutions architect, and many more. Even in engineering there is a huge variety of sub-specialties such as audio-engineering, data engineering or nuclear engineering. Whether it’s research in a high tech lab or on-ground in construction sites, there’s most definitely some career that will appeal to you.

4) Highly Transferable Skills

There is a reason why so many CEOs in the world come from STEM backgrounds. A STEM education does not just give you in-depth expertise and professional technical skills but it also highly important ‘soft skills’. In particular, high-level communication, interpersonal, critical thinking, problem-solving and adaptability skills. This means your skills will be transferable to even more diverse careers, some that are not related to science such as business, education or even entertainment.

3) Challenging and Interesting

STEM and innovation go hand in hand. STEM job are challenging and engaging professions that require you to be both creative and intelligent. Instead of rote routines, you will get the rewarding satisfaction of solving problems and creating something new. You don’t just get to work with the latest coolest new cutting-edge technology out there, you get a chance to develop it! You could even make your own innovative world changing app like Uber or Instagram and become a tech giant.

2) Supremely High Earnings

A majority of the most lucrative jobs on the market right now are STEM related. The average salary of an employee in the STEM fields is significantly higher than average. According to College Choice’s highest paying careers for college graduates, the number one most lucrative career is petroleum engineer with an average salary of $102,300, this is followed by other STEM careers including nuclear engineer, physicist, statistician, mathematician, and more.

1) Change The World

STEM jobs aren’t just lucrative, challenging and interesting, they are meaningful too. Many of us dream of making the world a better place and with a job in STEM you could do just that. As an environmental engineer you could develop cleaner, safer renewable sources of energy that will save the earth or you could become a biomedical scientist finding cures for deadly diseases. This can be best done by studying STEM subjects. Just something as simple as designing better roads as a civil engineer goes a long way to making the world a better place.

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