5 Reasons You Should Consider a UK Transfer Programme

Do you dream of studying overseas in the UK? Well, flying there immediately after high school or a pre-university programme is not the only option. In fact, transferring to the UK may be the best option available for you to achieve your dream.

5) Affordability

Though studying in the UK is high value, when you factor living cost and tuition studying there for an entire three to four years can significantly tax your finances. Doing a 2+1 or 1+2 UK transfer programme gives you the option of achieving your UK degree in the UK itself all in substantially more affordable price. With more financial security, students can focus on their studies without worry.

4) Ease Into The Transition

Studying in a foreign country can be highly challenging especially if it is soon after high school or pre-university. Hence, a UK transfer programme is the perfect method for you to build up your confidence and life skills in Malaysia for onre to two years before your journey abroad. With more mature and experience, students can and maximize their inner potential to the fullest.

The UK is a multicultural country which values diversity and has a long history of accepting international students. Thus, they are well equipped to competently accommodate international students needs. Additionally, studying in an official UK branch university will allow you for even easier and convenient transition due to its use of the exact same UK curriculum and teaching methods.

3) Exposure to Different Cultures

A UK transfer programme is the perfect opportunity for you to see the world, live in a foreign country independently and immerse yourself in a different culture. By living in the UK for an extended period of time, you will learn to see things from a different perspective, become more flexible and adaptable to different environments and master the English language.This is essential as we move towards the 21st Century possessing an international mind and excellent communication skills in a global language is monumentally advantageous.

However, there is still immense fun to be had too. You could get lost in the bustling streets of London or wonder at the high mountains of Scotland. Its close proximity to the rest of Europe means you can visit there too and travel from Rome to France.

2) Educational Excellence

UK universities have a sterling reputation of being centers of educational excellence. Two of the world’s most famous universities, Oxford and Cambridge originate from the UK. UK universities contributes significant world-leading research to various industries.

In the UK, educators do not just focus on imparting academic knowledge. They go beyond the textbooks, to ensure students have the necessary skills to thrive in their respective fields. There is a large focus on cultivating efficient practical skills through the use of problem-based learning. Hence, UK educated students are known for their flexibility, intelligent and creativity.

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1) International Recognition

A UK degree is internationally equated with prestige and distinction. A UK degree will make recognized and respected wherever you go. In fact, as your degree is internationally recognized, you may be able to work and live elsewhere such as New Zealand or Canada and your employee will be confident with your abilities.

With a UK degree, your path to success will never end. Begin your journey today and check out our list of official UK branch universities in Malaysia, all of whom offer exceptional UK transfer programmes.

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