Benjamin Wong Mun Fhee has emerged as one of the ‘Top in the World’ achiever in Malaysia for Mathematics in IGSCE exam 2019.

He was presented with the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards yesterday. This is our third award in four years for Mathematics and the only school in Perak to receive such a prestigious award.

Here is a little note from Benjamin:

“The teachers at WIS gave me a solid foundation in Math and helped me overcome the fear of thinking that my answers are not good enough. They not only taught me how to see Maths problems clearly but also gave me useful tips in answering questions.

For example, Mrs Logen guided me on how to improve my answers; she taught me a method of drawing three lines and writing answers according to it. Even when I was not sure of my answers she said “You know it, so don’t overthink the question”.

The teachers gave me confidence in my own ability, and the belief in myself. Thank you for helping me achieve such good results. I am grateful for your support and guidance”.

Congratulations to Benjamin and his family!


Top in the world 2016 (Additional Mathematics)- Marcus Yap

Top in the world 2017(Mathematics)- Tham Tze Guang

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