Skills you could Learn Online for Free

Skills you could Learn Online for Free by Sharon | in eScholars Learn a new skill or enhance the basics of what you already know by visiting these websites for tutorial videos and e-classes! It’s free so you’ve got literally nothing to lose. 1. Academics Coursera (physcis, engineering, medicine, finance, computer science, etc.) Khan Academy […]

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Top in the World IGCSE Mathematics 2019 – Benjamin Wong Mun Fhee

Benjamin Wong Mun Fhee has emerged as one of the ‘Top in the World’ achiever in Malaysia for Mathematics in IGSCE exam 2019. He was presented with the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards yesterday. This is our third award in four years for Mathematics and the only school in Perak to receive such a prestigious award. […]

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5 Common Misconceptions about e-Learning

5 Common Misconceptions about e-Learning by Sharon | in eScholars Over the years, e-learning has gained a reputation for being several things that it’s not. Here are a few mythbusters to think about before deciding whether or not online education has the credence to be just as viable as traditional education. Students are required to […]

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The Future of Education is at our Fingertips

The Future of Education is at our Fingertips by Sharon | in eScholars We are living in a day and age where our landscape of living has become increasingly digital. From online food delivery and e-hailing services, to international conference calls on Zoom, it’s no wonder that the education sector is transcending physical boundaries as […]

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Can You Transform Trash Into Treasure?     REKA invites school-aged children to show off your creativity by crafting your very own masterpieces using recyclable materials!      Send a photo of your creations to editorial@theglobalscholars.com along with your name, age and name of school, or post it on Instagram with the hashtag #MyREKA by […]

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Getting to the Heart of Sustainable Living

Getting to the Heart of Sustainable Living by Asma | in #MYEarth Campaign With the concept of sustainability garnering more focus in current times, phrases like  ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’, ‘eco-tourism’ and ‘carbon footprint’ have become common buzzwords. In Malaysia, more and more people are embracing an organic lifestyle with organic eateries, bakeries and grocery stores gaining […]

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Educating the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

Learning about the environment is an important part of growing up; after all, today’s children will be tomorrow’s leaders who will shoulder the responsibilities of protecting the earth. As children are highly inquisitive beings, nature provides an ideal learning environment in which they can thrive. Concrete first-hand experiences like outdoor walks, gardening, playing in mud, […]

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