what to study if you like video games

You know people used to make fun of people who loved video games but not anymore. Everyone plays video games these days, even grandma’s loving tapping away on their phones. Some people however don’t just like playing video games, they love it! So, if you’re one of these gamers (rise up) or just curious take a look at what to study if you like video games:

5) Computer Science

That 3D video game character you’re controlling didn’t come out from thin air, everything in a video game from the environment to the UI is made up of lines of codes. That’s why if you want to be intimately involved in the process of video game development, a degree in computer science is the way to go.

Computer Science, the study of computers and computational systems, involves the designing and engineering of algorithms that make up programs and software. With a degree in computer science, your will have a multitude of options available to you in the gaming industry, whether it’s constructing physic engines or programming NPC artificial intelligence.

what to study if you like video games
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4) Art and Animation

As impressive as the graphics of a game is, what makes one truly visually memorable is the creative design. Think of games such as Mario, Fallout or Legend of Zelda, everything in those games have a very distinct visual flair. Characters, environments and even items are all meticulously designed by artists before they become they are programmed into a game.

Thus, with a degree or diploma in Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Design or Digital Animation, you will be prepared for the many roles in game development from concept artist to animators.

what to study if you like video games
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3) Writing

A lot of people play video games not just for the gameplay, but for the story too. The interactive element of video games, especially the ability for player’s to choose outcomes, make it a highly unique way to tell a story. Most of the critically acclaimed and best selling games such as The Witcher 3, The Last of Us and Bioshock, are praised for their engaging narrative.

Studying majors such as Mass Communication, Creative Writing, English Studies and Literature will give you expertise in writing. These majors will train you in communicating text effectively. Quest, dialogue, narration, lore and general descriptions in games all need a skilled penman to give them life and personality.

what to study if you like video games
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2) Business

At the end of the day, the video game industry is still an industry, an extremely lucrative and growing industry at that. The video game business is booming, so why not get your slice of the pie by going to the more administrative and management side of it.

A degree in Business Administration or Finance will equip you with the knowledge to maximize my profits and effectively manage employees. Even on the business side, you will have plenty involvement in the video game making process as you keep track of development, dictate focus areas and so on.

what to study if you like video games
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1) Marketing

These days, you don’t have to be a mega studio to make and release a video game anymore. One of the most successful video games of all time was completed by just one person. But even if you do manage to make an amazing fun awesome game, what’s the point if nobody plays it!

Marketing is the business process of creating relationships with and satisfying customers. It’s about persuasion and communicating the benefits of your products effectively. With a degree in marketing, you will help video games reach a wide as audience as possible, so everyone can have fun!

what to study if you like video games
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So, hopefully now you know what to study if you like video games! Want to know what other career options are out there for you and what you can study? Check our course guide page.

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